Thursday, February 25, 2010

First four eliminated from ‘American Idol 9

The journey ends tonight for four of the Top 24 from American Idol 9. As always, lots of drama is promised and dreams will be shattered. Who will it be? Read on for all the gory details.

The show starts out with comments from the judges. Randy says that it’s make it or break it time. Well, yuh.

The first group song of the season is Estelle’s “American Boy.” It’s not awful, but obviously pre-recorded. Casey does not look thrilled to be involved in this cheesefest, but hey, that’s what you signed up for dude.

Ryan calls for the lights to be dimmed as we prepare for our first elimination. The girls on the back row stand up. Siobahn is first and she’s safe, as is Haeley. Michelle is next and looks as though she’s totally prepared to go home. But she’s getting another chance. Katelyn is safe, leaving Katie and Janell standing alone. Now you’ve got to know Katie will be safe, and after Janell’s rather raggedy performance of “What About Love,” I think she even knows she’s a goner. And I’m correct. Janell sings her swan song and we go to break.

We return with a performance from last season’s rocker chick, Allison Iraheta, wearing a black dress with some kind of strange appendage growing from the back. She’s singing her new single, “Scars.” It’s a good song, though, and she’s really matured as a performer. She tells Ryan she feels like she’s going to be eliminated. No comments from the judges.

We get ready for the next girl to go home. Ryan starts with Paige. She’s safe. Lacey is next, and due to placement, would appear to have made the cut. She does (so much for my pool picks). Lilly and Crystal are safe, leaving Ashley and Didi standing. Another rather duh moment. Ashley is gone. She sings “Happy” again and it was no better. Sorry Ashley.

We have a moment of humor as Ryan shows tape of Tyler in rehearsal. He arrived at the studio in a bathrobe, thinking he’d be going to wardrobe. But no, he has to do his “dress” rehearsal in a white robe with boots and tennis socks. What a douche.

Ryan then turns to the boys. Back row stands. Michael Lynche is safe as are John Park and Aaron. What’s strange is someone, probably Mike, is miked and you hear a voice going “Go John” and “Yeah Aaron” in the background. Weird. Todrick is also safe (“Go T,” the unidentified voice says). Joe Munoz and Tim Urban are left, and Joe is eliminated. Tim is in shock. The camera keeps cutting back to Tim during Joe’s swan song and he’s clearly stunned, as am I! Meanwhile, Joe is trying in vain to generate some enthusiasm. I feel kinda bad for him.

I’m 3 for 3 in my pool picks.

We have a nice interlude with Kris Allen and a plug for “Idol Gives Back,” which is set for April 21. Kris does a lovely rendition of “Let it Be” while a video of his trip to Haiti is shown in the background. When he finishes, Kris is visually moved. I like Kris Allen.

FYI, if you want to help, Kris’ performance is on iTunes and the proceeds will go to the UN Foundation. You can also text IDOL to 20222 to make a $10 donation.

The last round of eliminations follow. Casey is first and he is safe. Jermaine is also safe (what?) as are Lee and Andrew. We are left with Alex and Tyler, both of whom should be gone in my opinion. Ryan asks Simon what he thinks and he picks Tyler.

Simon is right. Poser Tyler is done, but not before we have a little bit of a “moment.” When Ryan announces Tyler’s name, Alex looks as though he was about to faint. Suddenly, the sound cuts out. Someone was actually bleeped! Not sure what that was about, but Tyler has a mini-rant about how he didn’t get any constructive criticism during Hollywood week. Awesome!

The four bootees are called out to see an abbreviated version of their farewell video. I mean, after all, they haven’t been around all that long, now, have they? We hear this season’s elimination song, “Leave Right Now” by ‘Pop Idol’s’ Will Young and then Tyler gets another chance to thrill and amaze us with “American Woman.” I have a mini-celebration that I got at least one of the four correct.

Next week, we’ll have two more two-hour performance shows with results Thursday. It’s gotta get better, right?

Update: Apparently, it wasn’t Tyler Grady whose language resulted in a four-second audio blackout on Thursday’s results show. According to EW, it was Alex Lambert who was so shocked at being safe he went “off script!” I’m trying to find a live blogger who attended the taping to find out exactly what went down.

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