Wednesday, May 26, 2010

'American Idol 9' - I've got issues!

 Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze at a press conference Monday

The finale hasn't even aired and I've already got issues! I mean, really, this season has been dismal from the start, but when was the last time a Top 2 performance show was so lopsided? Season 6 maybe (Jordin Sparks vs. Blake Lewis)? And what's positively galling is that despite having flopped like a dead fish on the biggest night of his performing life to date, Lee is probably going to win it all.

Here are my issues in no particular order:
  • No coronation song - Sure, they're schlocky and cornball, and pretty much everything bad, but these stupid songs have become an Idol staple. So why covers this year? And why these covers? U2 for Lee was a ridiculous choice. At least Crystal's song was something she could actually sing, but will anyone ever play either of these songs on the radio? No.
  • Simon Fuller should be taken out backed and walloped for picking "Black Velvet" for Crystal. We've heard that song dozens of times on this show and it's tired and old. It's 2010, people, why not something a little fresher? 
  • Which leads me to my next issue. Rather than some tired old cover song for their first single, why couldn't they have sung one of their own songs? Both Crystal and Lee have original songs that are decent. If the purpose of this show is to find a new recording artist, why not let us judge them on something original. This was the perfect opportunity and Idol blew it.  
  •  Finally, it comes back to Lee, who as I said earlier, will probably win. Why? He's a male and the women who watch this show generally don't vote for other women. There are legions of women swooning over every move Lee makes as though he were some rock god or something. He's not. But he's a male and that's going to get him a lot of votes. Crystal will "Clay" Lee, just like Adam is "Claying" Kris. So what's the point? You win, but you're runner-up clobbers you in sales? Might as well just declare them co-winners and dispense with all the drama. 
I am so glad this season is almost over. It's been a struggle from the get-go and I'm wondering how involved I'm going to want to be next time around. Oh, I'll try, but Idol has definitely lost its luster for me.We'll be back later for a play-by-play of the finale. As usual, I'll be watching so you won't have to!

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