Wednesday, May 5, 2010

'American Idol 9' - Top 5 results show recap

This week, the Idols took on classic songs by Frank Sinatra and were mentored by Harry Connick, Jr. Michael Lynche "got it" and gave what I think was his best performance of the season. Crystal and Lee were also respectable, but Aaron and Casey fell flat. I predicted Casey would be eliminated. How's it going to go down?

After a mishmosh video clip opening, the Top 5 sing a Sinatra medley, including “Lady is a Tramp," “When I Was 17,″  “I’ve Got the World on a String," and “Night and Day." They're all wearing black suits and fedoras. It was actually pretty good. 

The Ford video follows, and then there's another video of how the finalists spend their Tuesdays. First they reminisce about what their Tuesdays used to be like. Then, we watch them get up, eat, and then go to hair and make-up. We see a little of the dress rehearsal, including the fake judges, who actually comment on the performances.

Ryan spends some time talking to the Top 5. Crystal says she's one of the guys and she's having a good time with them. Casey says his part is done and the rest is not up to him. We get ready to start the eliminations.

Lee stands up and goes to the center of the stage. Ryan reads the judges' comments. Lee says he keeps pushing himself to get better and better, and that he's his own worst critic. Simon says he didn't watch it back, but that he thinks this was the first time Lee had started to believe in himself. "It was like seeing a different person."  So, what's the verdict. Lee is safe. No surprise there! Lee goes over to the stools of safety on the left of the stage.

We return from the break. Ryan is in the audience with Matt Giraud and introduces Lady Gaga. She's singing her new single "Alejandro." No surprise, it's a major production with dancing dudes in high waisted spandex pants. Gaga does some hot Spanish piano licks and the stage fills with smoke. At least she's performing live.

Ryan tells us next week's theme is the movies. Lots of filler this week. We see some clips of the contestants rehearsing with Harry Connick, Jr. Lots of hilarity ensues. Then Harry appears live singing "And I Love Her," the Beatles' tune. Now Harry can sing. The swaybots in the front are waving their arms off, and it's all quite subtle, especially after the Lady Gaga spectacle.

After he finishes singing, Harry says it's been an honor to be on the show and then introduces the Top 5 once again, this time singing Harry's songs. It's like the boys are backing Crystal! Of course, the vocals are all prerecorded.  Casey looks ridiculous. But this was the best group number ever!

Back for some more results. Crystal stands up. Ryan has her start a group over by the piano. Then it's Michael's turn. He starts a group on the other side of the stage. Aaron is next and joins Big Mike. Oh oh. Now for Casey. He joins Crystal.  Ryan asks Lee to chose which group is safe. He refuses. Ryan asks the audience. "After the nationwide vote, I can tell you that... Lee is safe, Mike and Aaron are the bottom two this week. The rest of these guys are safe." So, I was wrong again. Gotta be Aaron, right?

Back from the break, it's either Michael or Aaron. "After the nationwide vote, the person whose Idol journey comes to an end unfortunately tonight is... Aaron Kelly!" Michael made the Top 4. They hug and Mike gives Aaron some words of encouragement. Aaron says he's had a blast!

Aaron sings us out with "Fly Me to the Moon," better than Tuesday night by a mile.

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