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'American Idol 11' - Top 13 results show recap

Jessica Sanchez performs on 'Idol' Wednesday

Wednesday's Stevie/Whitney theme night delivered some decent performances and some that were, well, not so good. The general consensus seems to be that Jessica Sanchez won the night with her stellar interpretation of Whitney's monster hit, "I Will Always Love You."  One viewer, Jennifer Hudson, who performed the song at last month's Grammy ceremony, was so impressed that she tweeted “Yes Jessica! That’s it!!” High praise indeed.

The other stand-out performance came from Phillip Phillips, who indied-up Stevie's hit, "Superstition." But, according to TMZ, PP was taken to the hospital this morning, after complaining of severe stomach pain. His father has stated PP has had trouble with kidney stones, but is determined to stay in the race. He has been released from the hospital and expects to take part in tonight's results show.

One more tidbit from TMZ. Apparently, Jermaine Jones' long-lost father called him last night. Jermaine was none too happy about the call.

All that being said, let's get to the results, shall we?

We start out with clips of the Top 13 hitting the blue carpet last week. "They Were on Top of the World" a banner reads. All was well until last night! Harsh words for some, high praise for others.

Voiceover man brings out the judges and Ryan. J'Lo and Randy are holding hands. Ryan strolls down the Adam Lambert Memorial Staircase. He's wearing a tie tonight.

Lauren Alaina will perform tonight as will this week's mentor, Mary J. Blige. Ryan reminds us that the girl and guy with the lowest votes will be revealed and the judges will decide who goes home.

And it's time for the season's first ga-roup number! The boys come out and lead off with Stevie's "Always." They sound awful. No harmony at all. Phillip looks relatively healthy! The dancing is too much to handle. What a weird group. Erika dances like she is stomping grapes. The only distinctive voice in the mix is Jermaine's.

The judges give them a standing ovation.

The contestants are sitting on a two-tiered couch. Ryan intros the first Ford video. They are giants tromping around L.A. Then it's time for a message from Jimmy Iovine. He says God made Whitney Houston by hand, while the rest of us were mass-produced. Thank you Jimmy for that inspiring message.

Ryan calls down Jessica, Elise, and Hollie. We start out with Elise's video from last night and the sorry comments. Elise says she wants tough criticism. Jimmy says he watched the performance four times. "She didn't rise to the occasion. I think she's in trouble."

Hollie's next. Jimmy says Hollie was at an advantage and she delivered on the promise. "She was fantastic." They save Jessica for last. Jimmy says her performance was the best he's ever seen from anyone on 'Idol.' He's concerned she'll buy into the hype too much.

Dim the lights. "America has decided that Jessica, you are safe." Now there's a shocker! This leaves Elise and Hollie, and not surprisingly, Elise is in the bottom three girls. She walks over to the stools of doom on the right of the stage.

Heejun, Jermaine, and Colton walk to the center of the stage. First, we watch Heejun's clip. J'Lo still loves him. Jimmy says the last thing he would do would be to give Heejun a Stevie song. Now for Colton. His hair seems to change every week. Jimmy says Colton took great direction. He's concerned that Colton is attempting something that is not true to him.

Jermaine has his turn. He says he disagrees with Randy. Jimmy says Jermaine was thinking too much. And to Steven, he says, Armani doesn't make suits that big. Jermaine doesn't want to answer if he agrees with Jimmy. He doesn't want to answer.

"Colton, America did not like what they saw. They loved it!" He is safe. Heejun is also safe and Jermaine lumbers off to the stools of doom. No surprises yet.

After the break, Lauren Alaina. Once again, we see the J'Lo commercial for her new clothing line for Kohl's. She's also in a L'Oreal commercial. Making some bucks off 'Idol,' eh J'Lo?

Ryan congratulates J'Lo on the success of her new show, which debuted with 30 million viewers. She says it's a joy to discover all the Latino talent. No comment on her ex!

Lauren is singing what I presume to be her new single, "Georgia Peaches." Looks like she has lost a bit of weight... more than a bit, actually. She's very Carrie Underwood. Skylar is most likely enraptured. Lauren sings to Randy. Lauren sits on the couch with the boys. Vocally, she's rather screechy.

The judges stand for her too, but we don't get any Ryan time. Instead, we go to break.

We come back from the break and begin results again. Erika, Shannon, and Skylar join Ryan center stage. We start with Erika. Jimmy says Erika's problem is her presentation, but she did a good job with the song. Shannon is next. Poor Shannon. She still thinks she did a good job on this. Jimmy says nerves got the better of her last night. Nerves cracked her vocal chords. "She has a lot of talent, she just needs more experience." Finally, we see Skylar's clip. Jimmy says he likes nasal!

Dim the lights. "After the nationwide vote, Erika will be taking one of those spots." The audience boos. She hugs Elise. Crazy. Skylar is safe, and Shannon goes to the stools of doom.

Phillip, Jeremy, DeAndre, and Joshua are called up for results. Joshua is first. I don't think people are going to "get" him, but I like him. Jimmy says he's very good, but he's concerned people will get bored of his voice. We see DeAndre's clip. He doesn't know what Jamaican patoi is! Jimmy says DeAndre was a pleasant surprise. "It worked for him." PP is up. He says he did not go to the hospital, but did go to the doctor. Jimmy says PP is a great musician. He is a little nervous that the girls have a lot of vocal fireworks and that might get him. Still pushing a female winner, eh Jimmy? Of Jeremy, Jimmy says he did not deliver and all the girls out-performed him. "I think Jeremy will go." And so do I.

Randy doesn't agree with all of Jimmy's comments. I think Jimmy should be a judge.
Phillip is safe (OMG, how shocking). Jeremy is not. Off you go to the stools of doom, Jeremy. "DeAndre, you are going to have to endure the stress of the competition for one more week." Joshua sits with the bottom six. Ryan walks over to the stools and says we will have to wait to find out who is safe... like Erika and Joshua. They both kind of look at him for a sec... what did you just say? "You are safe, run to the couches." And run they do. The pride of Rhody lasts another week!

Remember the days of the 30-minute results show? If only...

Mary J. performs her latest single, "Why."

If the bottom two is going to "sing for their lives," we'd better get a move on.

We return from the break with seven minutes to go. The bottom four are with Ryan center stage. Ryan asks Steven if any of them deserve to leave. He says, "Jeremy." The audience boos. Jeremy says this stinks. You're going home dude.

The lights dim. Ryan calls Jermaine's name, walks over to him, and says, "safe" in a low voice. The girl who is safe for another week is... Shannon. Ryan asks Randy if America got it right. He says they didn't get it exactly right, but sorta. The judges will deliberate (for about 15 seconds) over the break. Gotta be Jeremy.

I kinda like the J'Lo Kohl's rainbow-ish silky top.

Quick break. We are ready for the results. J'Lo announces the decision. "With the two we've been presented with by America, we've come to the decision that we're going to save Elise." End of the road for Jeremy.

We watch Jeremy's funeral package set to Scotty McCreary's "Remember Me." Not much of a video package. Poor Jeremy won't even make the tour. He's trying to hold back tears. He says it's been awesome. The remaining 12 embrace Jeremy. And I eagerly switch over to 'Project Runway.'

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