Thursday, March 29, 2012

'American Idol 11' - Top 9 results with Scotty McCreery

Scotty McCreery returns to the 'Idol' stage tonight for the first time since his win last season. We'll also find out who is going home. I suspect it will be the end of the road for Heejun, but who knows!
Lots of inspiration with the cold opening tonight with a Fleetwood Mad soundtrack. Voiceover man brings out the judges and Ryan descends the Adam Lambert Memorial staircase.

Big Aerosmith news. After video of Tyler performing, Ryan brings him up on the stage to discuss the "Global Warming Tour." The tour kicks off June 16 in Minneapolis.

The Top 9 are on the couches and Ryan reads Tweets from the celebs whose songs they sang Wednesday night. Ryan says DeAndre didn't get a Tweet, but Eric Benet is here in person. Eric says DeAndre's performance was "amazing." He says the song was tailor-made for DeAndre.

Now for the Ford video. A special badge is hidden somewhere to further tantalize us. The Idols are stacking up old TVs. And they want to rock. I didn't see the badge. If you did, you can play the Ford video challenge on American You can win a Ford Escape and a trip to the Season 11 finale.

 Before the results, we watch the Idols move to a mansion in Hollywood Hills. They all  seem astounded, of course, and we see the requisite running around, jumping on beds, and checking out the bidets! "Unfortunately, one of them will soon be moving out unless the judges activate their save."

Elise, Phillip, and Hollie start us off. Here's what Jimmy has to say.

Elise: Jimmy says she took charge of the stage, led the band... she's exactly at the right age. Stevie Nicks and Annie Lennox didn't have their first hit until they were 26. She was a dark horse, but not anymore. Now, she's coming on strong.

Phillip: Whenever Stevie Nicks believes in someone, they go all the way. If his original material is anywhere near as good, he'll go a long way. He was flawless.

Hollie: She has a beautiful sound and did a beautiful job, but she lacks experience. It will come down to comparing Hollie and Jessica. Hollie has an intellectual approach. She has all the pieces, but she needs to put it together.

"Dim the lights... after the nationwide vote, Hollie, Carrie Underwood loved your rendition, but unfortunately, you are in the bottom three." Hollie goes to the stools of doom. Phillip is safe, as is Elise.

Next up, Nicki Minaj. There's so much auto-tune, it's hard to tell where Nicki stops and the background ends. It's a dancey tune! I'll tell you what, Nicki's about to bust right out of her little bikini top! Keep jumping up and down, Nicki. 

Ryan talks to Nicki and mentions that parts of the performance were "high risk!" Heh! Nicki wants to be a guest judge and asks J'Lo to scoot over. J'Lo's not having any of that, and tells Nicki there isn't room for the two of them!

More results. Ryan calls Colton, Joshua, and Heejun. Here are Jimmy's comments.thoughts:

Colton: Colton wasn't good enough.You have to go through the whole cycle - rehearsals, mentoring, backstage and performance. This is not the end of the concert where you can lose it and cry. Colton lost the fight. He didn't get knocked out, but he faces eight opponents.

Joshua: It's a tough one, he delivered 85 percent of the song, but when he cried, he lost it. When you cry, your voice closes up and you can't sing. But, Joshua killed during the Michael Jackson medley.

Heejun: It was really great to see Heejun come back... I don't think it was enough. The math doesn't work. I don't think he sings as well as the other eight contestants on the show.

The lights dim. "After the nationwide vote, Colton, an emotional night for you as we saw. America says, you are safe." Colton goes to the couches of safety.  This leaves Joshua and Heejun. "Joshua, it is you... who is safe." Heejun goes to the stools of doom and Joshua walks over to hug them."

Scotty McCreery sings "Water Tower Town." He has a great band, and the song is upbeat and fun. Love to see former Idols return to the stage. Scotty gives props to the judges and he gets a little one-on-one time with Ryan. Scotty says it feels like only yesterday. Jimmy Iovine comes out to present Scotty with his platinum album for Clear as Day! Alright Scotty.

Ryan calls the final three to center stage - Jessica, Skylar, and DeAndre. You know it's got to be DeAndre, right? Jimmy says:

Skylar: She always pulls it out somewhere - she picked a character song, rather than something with more melody. She needs to pick songs with more song going forward. But during the medley, she rose to the head of the pack.

DeAndre: I'm seeing right in the middle. There's still something missing. He needs to work his way into this and get more experience. People may or may not buy into his falsetto.

Jessica: At 16, Jessica's managed to harness enough experience it takes ten years to build. She got lost in that song, but kept her composure. I'm fully onboard with this. What we need right now is a little girl power.

Jessica is safe. "The person who is at risk of leaving us tonight is... Skylar. DeAndre, you are safe." Wow, didn't see that coming. 

We come back from the break. One person is being sent to safety, and that person is... Skylar. It comes down to Hollie and Heejun. "The person who is at risk of leaving us tonight is Heejun. Hollie, you are safe."

Heejun will sing "Song for You" for the save. The judges will not save him. Of that I am almost positive. As Heejun sings, we get closeups of the remaining eight looking poignant. The judges pretend to deliberate, be we all know it's pointless. Meanwhile, Heejun sings better than he has at any time during the competition. J'Lo has tears in her eyes. At the end of the song, he tanks everyone "so much." He knows he's a goner.

Will they use the save? Sgteven gets to drop the bomb. "Heejun, let the record show you know this was coming, ugh... unfortunately, after talking, we're gonna have to let you go, man."

Heejun smiles through his funeral video. We will miss you, darlin'.

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