Thursday, April 5, 2012

'American Idol 11' - Kellie Pickler returns for a results show performance

American Idol 5's Kellie Pickler returns to the show tonight to perform “Where’s Tammy Wynette” from her latest album, 100 Proof. Other than that, you know the drill - dimming lights, slams from Jimmy Iovine, and lots of faux drama. As for the actual results, well, I'm rethinking my prediction and have started to think it might be Hollie. If that's the case, I doubt the judges will save her. Elise? Maybe. DeAndre? probably. Anyone else? Absolutely.

Cold opening showing clips of last night’s performances, judges comments, and some deep thoughts by the contestants. Our votes have decided their fate!

Voiceover man does his thing. Tonight, J’Lo is clad in a shiny gray sheath. Matt Rogers is in the house. As usual, Ryan makes his entrance down the Adam Lambert Memorial staircase. He greets us, Steven Tyler gets up and does some kind of rock god greeting, and we are off. Ryan asks the audience who they voted for. It’s hard to tell what they are saying. The remaining eight are seated on the couches of safety.

Ryan is checking on Joshua, who says he feels light-headed. He hopes he doesn’t pass out on national television. We cheer for Josh. Ryan tells us we have a performance by UK sensation The Wanted and Kellie Pickler. Also big news for J’Lo’s other show, Que Viva.

And, we’re getting the first view of J’Lo’s new video. Ryan wonders if there was any special chemistry between J’Lo and any one of the dancers in the video. We all laugh knowingly, since she’s dating one of the dancers. Dude is prominently figured in the  And Pitbull is in it.

Interesting, an ad for X-Factor.

We see the Ford video and a Twitter video from Joshua’s fans. A bunch of little kids in Vietnam cheer him on.

Now for results. We’re doing results by duets tonight. First up, Joshua and Jessica. Joshua. We see clips from Joshua’s performance. Jimmy says Joshua was over-affected when he started. He says he looked like a real pro and thinks this is the best time to peak.

On Jessica, Jimmy says she came on and does what she does. But, this wasn’t enough because the song wasn’t big enough. He warns Jessica not to let this happen two weeks in a row.

Ryan asks Jessica how she thinks she did. She says she thinks she did a decent job and that it’s hard to compare herself to Joshua. “After the nationwide vote, unfortunately, you’re not going to be happy until you relax and sit down on the couch. You are safe.” Jessica joins Joshua on the couches. No surprise there.

Next up, The Wanted from the UK singing their smash hit, “Glad You Came.”  There’s a whole bunch of them and they prance around the stage pandering to their fan-girlies. J’Lo seat dances with one of them who gives her a kiss. Simple, repetitive lyrics sung by a bunch of pretty boys.

We return from the break for more results. Next to hear the news, Skylar and Colton. Girlies scream, “We love you, Colton.” Jimmy says he is happy they talked her out of “9 to 5.” He thinks she went from the bottom to the top, and if she continues, can win the whole thing.

On Colton, he thinks he was good, not great. He says you don’t have to be the best team, just the better team for that night, and last night, he wasn’t.

Skylar says she doesn’t feel that she was overlooked as a power vocalist, just that she prefers the country songs.

Tricky Ryan pulls Hollie and DeAndre up to join Colton and Skylar. That’s so DeAndre and Hollie can go to the stools of doom.

Jimmy thinks Hollie’s problem is that she’s approaching this as a high school performance. “Where’s the feeling?” He says she will be in the bottom three and will be fighting with DeAndre as to who is packing.

Jimmy says no to the judges. DeAndre was not great. He needs to come out and grow at a fast pace, and that he is the weakest of the boys. He could be in the bottom three and could go home, unless J’Lo saves him.

Ryan asks the judges about Jimmy’s comments. They say they loved DeAndre last night. J’Lo watched again last night and she felt the same. Ryan asks how they feel about being compared. DeAndre says it’s fine. The lights dim. “After the nationwide vote, DeAndre, the judges praised you last night. America agreed with Jimmy. You’re in the bottom three.” His sister is weeping in the audience.

Colton is safe. One of the ladies is in the bottom three. Sads. “After the nationwide vote, the person in the bottom three is Hollie.” She joins DeAndre on the stools of doom. One more person will join them (Elise?).

Kellie Pickler is up. The song is totally honky-tonk and she’s dressed in jeans and a loose top. She’s let her hair grow out too. Skylar is going out of her mind. Kellie sits on the couch between Colton and PP. I’ve always loved Kellie Pickler! The kids on the couches get a hug. Kellie says she was backstage having an anxiety attack on results night. Looks like Joshua had to leave the stage. It’s her one-year anniversary too.

One more duet awaits their results. Elise and PP join Ryan. PP is first. Jimmy says there are three versions of yourself - great, good, and terrible. He says it was good and this was PP’s worst performance so far. He says PP needs to be pushed to be the best version he can be. If he stands still, it’s possible others can pass him.

Oh, Elise, wrong song. Jimmy says this was the right song and that she sang it great in mentoring and rehearsal. Unfortunately, she hit the stage and choked. He says this week she didn’t even sing the tune and that can take you from the top to the bottom. Elise says she really got wrapped up in the song and the more into it she gets, the harder it is to stay in the lines.  PP says he isn’t worried about complacency. He’s not into walking around the stage, touching people’s hands! Yes, PP. So who will it be? And no surprise, Elise is in the bottom three. PP is safe, but watch out, because now you’ve done gone Heejun on us (“I’m not trying to be famous”). 

Hollie is quickly sent back to the couches, leaving Elise and DeAndre.

Back from the break, DeAndre and Elise are with Ryan. Steven says America didn’t get it right - half and half. Randy is half and half as well. “The person who is at risk of leaving us and who will sing for the save tonight is DeAndre.”  He’s talking to his family before he sings. And, we’re doing a reggae tune, enjoying his last moments on the stage. J’Lo has her arms crossed. Will they use the save?  I don’t think so. They still have a couple of weeks and some faves in the mix.

J’Lo can’t look up. She gets to deliver the word. “This boy right here, we’ve been watching you for two years. I stand by that.” But... she only gets one vote and they’re not saving him. J’Lo voted to save but Steven and Randy did not.

We watch DeAndre’s farewell video. I was totally wrong this week!

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