Thursday, April 19, 2012

'American Idol 11' - Kris Allen and LMFAO perform as another Idol bites the dust

'American Idol 8' winner, Kris Allen performs tonight as one more contestant is eliminated. LMFAO will also appear on the results show. Last night's "Then and Now" theme offered some pretty good performances, including two standouts by Joshua Ledet. But who will go home? Last night I was thinking Hollie, but now I'm leaning towards Elise. We shall soon find out.

Cold opening shows the Idols backstage preparing for their performances last night. Joshua is scared because he knows the judges don’t have any more saves,. J’Lo’s masking tape dress last night was really hideous. So much for that. Voiceover man brings out the judges. J’Lo is waring green pants and a white draped blouse. There’s Taylor Hicks! And Elliott Yamin! Wow.

Out comes Ryan. He tells us 53 million votes came in. In case you forgot, there is no more save. The Top 7 are singing Martha and the Vandella’s “Dancin’ in the Street.” This group may be one of the more talented Top 7, but their group numbers are a complete mess. Joshua is into it, though, dancing with his BFF Hollie. Jessica is dancing in the aisles. I want to see Taylor Hicks dance. Jessica shimmies with PP and Colton does whatever he does. The red streak is gone from his hair, by the way. Come on guys, give us a nice pointy pose. Please. Nope, no pointy pose tonight.

We return from the break to watch this week’s Ford video. They get to dress up as their astrological signs and sing “Stars.” Ryan asks the kids how they are doing. He asks Hollie how the atmosphere has changed since the judges used the save. Not much, she says.

Ryan calls BFFs Joshua and Hollie to the center of the stage. We watch Joshua first and then Hollie. What? No Jimmy? Oh, wait, they're recapping both singers and then getting Jimmy's words of wisdom on them both. Jimmy says Joshua did himself a lot of good and stayed in his sweet spot. He thinks Hollie did come out of her shell but he doesn’t think last night was enough to avoid the Bottom 3. He does think Joshua could end up in the finale if he sticks with smart song choices and does what he does.

Ryan asks Joshua if it’s surreal that he is standing on the stage when he almost didn’t get on the plane to go to Hollywood. The lights dim. “After over 53 million votes, Joshua, last week you faced elimination, and this week, you didn’t get the number of votes... to put you in the bottom three!” He is safe, but Hollie is not. Off to the stools of doom she goes.

Hi Taylor Hicks! He announces he’s doing Vegas this summer. Taylor shouts out, “Kris Allen.” But Ryan has to give him the official welcome! Then Taylor does it again.

Kris is playing piano, singing “Vision of Love.” How did he beat Adam Lambert? That still puzzles me. Anyway, Kris sings some falsetto, gets up and moves around a little. The song is pleasant with a very pop feel to it. People in the audience have been given little lights that they can swaybot with. Colton seems to be very into this performance. Maybe he’s having visions himself. Kris gets a nice reception from the audience, but no one-on-one time with Ryan. We go to break.

We return. Ryan calls down Skylar and Elise. Jimmy says Skylar delivered, but Elise felt flat. He doesn’t think Elise caused a baby boom with her performance and predicts she could go home. He thinks Skylar has a shot at the finale and is like the little engine that could. Skylar says being in the bottom three got her redirected. Elise thinks the judges and Jimmy are harder on her than anyone else. She says she thinks it’s because she’s older and maybe they think she can take it. She says it’s disheartening.

Elise is in the bottom three. She gets a hug from Ryan as she heads to the stools of doom. I think she’s about to cry. Skylar, of course, is safe.

After the break, there’s a tribute to Dick Clark, who, Ryan tells us, was his mentor. Lots of great clips from ‘American Bandstand.’ Dick went on to create dozens of shows. Then, finally, Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve, including last New Year’s Eve when Dick appeared with him. Ryan is totally emotional when this ends. He really loved Dick Clark.

Quick segue to LMFAO. Now these guys are completely nuts. One has a box on his head and they have a fake zebra on the stage. The dancing zebra is awesome. Yes, I said dancing zebra. That was bizarre, but fun.

Phillip, Colton, and Jessica get their turn at bat. PP makes fun of J’Lo telling him the song was sexy. I love his irreverence! Backstage, Colton said he didn’t care what the judges told him. Really? That was pretty arrogant.

Jimmy says Jessica’s singing songs that are too old for her. As her mentor, he says he missed this. He thinks PP came out on both sides of the game. He thinks PP did a great job on his first song, but the second was a pass. He says Colton’s first song was all wrong... the look, the song, the performance... everything. He also needs better songs. Jimmy thinks PP will get into the finale because he’s picking great songs.

J’Lo says she agrees with a lot of what Jimmy has to say. She’s confused. Ryan says there’s no saving Jessica from the stress of the competition. She is safe. This leaves Colton and PP, neither one has been in the bottom 3. “The person at risk of leaving our stage tonight is... Colton.”

Ryan calls Hollie and Elise to join Colton. Randy says they have no power and they’re on pins and needles. Ryan calls Elise over to take a walk. He tells her it’s going to be rough for her this week, because she is going to have to watch one of her friends go home!

So, who will it be? Hollie or Colton? It should be Hollie, but imagine the judges faces if they lost their wonder boy the week after they used the save!!!

OK, here we go. “After the nationwide vote, the person whose Idol journey ends tonight is... Colton!” Wow. He apologizes to the judges for his behavior last night (as well he should) and says he’ll take that when he’s making a record. J’Lo is upset. Hey, arrogant does not play well on this show. He really got himself knocked down a peg or two, now, didn’t he.

So Hollie stays and Colton goes, thus clearing the way for PP. Colton sings us out starting on his knees. Hollie is weeping heavily. PP looks like he is praying. J’Lo is still shaking her head in disbelief. Love a good semi-shocker!

So that’s it, down to four girls and two guys. Hmmm.

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