Thursday, February 17, 2011

'American Idol 10' - Solo night cuts the field to 60

Group night is over and with it, the dreams of 60 or so 'Idol' hopefuls. Another 40 will be cut after solo night and the survivors will be off to Vegas. It's crunch time, that's for sure.

The contestants get to choose whether to be accompanied by the band or sing a cappella. Here's a rundown.

Haley Reinhart – “God Bless the Child”
Haley fumbled through the group round. Jennifer told her she made it through by the skin of her teeth. Chick can blow. Interesting tone and some serious digs into the meat of the song. Great job. "Redemption," says Jennifer.

Ashton Jones - “And I Am Telling You”
Sang with Crazy Ashley. She nails it. Jennifer tells her she did well.

Thia Megia – “Wonderful World”
She has great control and poise. Her vocals are very mature. Wow.

Adrian Michael – “Wonderful World”
Oops - do-over

Caleb Johnson – “Living for the City”
Another do-over.

Frances Coontz – “Hey Soul Sister”
Totally off-key. Steven asks her to start over and find her key.

Clint Jun Gamboa – “Georgia”
Oversings and screams. Tosses in a few "yeahs" as well. Very loungey, Simon would say.

Kendra Chantelle - “Georgia”
Gets the blues part right, but her pitch is whack.

Sophia Shorai - "Georgia"
Decent vocals, strong delivery. Nice. The judges like her too.

Chris Medina– “My Prerogative”
He thinks it's the most unlikely song that anyone would pick. He does it acoustically and his vocals aren't all that. He doesn't think it worked too well.

Carson Higgins - "My Prerogative”
Dude's an entertainer with some halfway decent moves. He gets the song, while Chris really doesn't. I kind of like this guy!

Julie Zorrilla – “Love Song"
Not much of this is shown, but she plays the piano.

Caleb Hawley – “Feel it All Over”
White guy with guitar, decent vocals

Colton Dixon “What about Today”
Another piano player, vocals okay.

Robbie Rosen – "Gravity"
Plays the piano, pitch is a bit off, but he seems comfortable.

Casey Abrams – “Georgia”
Plays stand-up bass (an 'Idol' first). He reinvents the song and while it's a little odd, but certainly creative. He gets a standing O!

Jacqueline Dunford
Very sick, can't sing, and has to go to the hospital. She's out.

Chelsee Oaks – “Because of You”
Pitch is off, blows some of the lyrics, generally not good enough.

Lauren Alaina – “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing”
Nails the song, natch, and Steven loves it. Jennifer is awestruck that Lauren is (OMG) only 15.

Jacob Lusk – “God Bless the Child
This guy has the most amazing range I've ever heard on the 'Idol' stage. He oversings it a bit too much and his scatting, or whatever that is was annoying, but I thought he was amazing. I love this guy. He is so overwrought, he cries when he is finished. Reminds me a littl of George Huff.

John Wayne Shultz – “Landslide”
Nice twist on this standard. Jennifer sings along with him. Very polished performance.

Ashley Sullivan – “Everything”
Ashley melts down, again, and forgets her lyrics several times. She's a goner.

Stefano Langone – “Sir Duke”
Good, not great

Jovanny Baretto - "Didn't See it in your Eyes"
Another good, not great

Jacee Badeaux – “Time of My Life”
Nice, but I'm still not sure he belongs in this competition.

Scott McCreery – "Hope You Dance"
Scotty only knows one song, and completely blow the lyrics. It's funny because the lyrics he is singing are sub-titled on the screen. If he can't learn a song overnight, he's going to have a real hard time if he goes any further. .

Tatynisa Wilson – “Hope You Dance”
She blows her lyrics as well.

The judges deliberate. They've got the pictures and are arranging them on the desk like playing cards. The contestants are then split into four rooms and we are promised a surprising twist. Could it be that they're going to Vegas?

The judges are ready to deliver the verdict. They hit the first room, which includes Ashley Sullivan (oh noooo). But Brett and Jacee are in the same room, so maybe there's hope yet. Lauren, Jacob, Durbin, Casey, and Clint are in this room as well. So, of course, they're going through.

Room 2 hears the celebration next door. Steven delivers the news. And it's not good. Jennifer consoles one young woman. Room 3 is also gone. Chelsee and Marc Gutierrez are gone. Room 4 is in, of course. Naimi Adadop, Carson Higgins, Jovana Baretto, and Scotty McCreary are some of the familiar faces who have made the grade.

Next week, the remaining competitors are indeed heading to Vegas to sing Beatles' songs. And then, probably Thursday, we'll learn the Top 24.

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