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'American Idol 10' - The Top 24 is revealed... finally

Jovany Barreto makes the AI10 Top 24
When we concluded last night, Jennifer Lopez was in tears after having told Chris Medina he didn't make the cut. We pick right up with JLo taking a little break and then soldering on.

With no time to waste, we get right down to business. This year's "green mile" episode was taped in some kind of hangar. The contestants are forced to walk down a pathway with big white circles of light to a circular podium where the judges are seated. There is one white chair opposite the judges where the contestants sit while their fate is meted out.

First up is Karen Rodriquez, the sole MySpace auditioner. She won over JLo during her final performance singing a Selena song. Karen is in.

Robbie Rosen is next. We see his final performance of “Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word” and are reminded of his childhood ailment (he was in a wheelchair for a while). Steven likes Robbie a lot. “So good, right of the box. You sang your ass off." Robbie's in.

Tatynisa Wilson sings “Unbreak My Heart” for her final performance> Taty is crying. She wants this sooooo much. “On this show, it’s about not having a bad day,” Jennifer says. But no worries. Taty makes the cut.

Brittany Mazur and Jimmie Allen not so lucky. Both are cut.

Tim Halperin sings an original song for his final performance. Randy Tim's journey had some ups and down. Jennifer, who seems a bit smitten with Tim, thinks he got stronger. Steven says, “I’m sorry to tell you but…” and he's in as well.

Julie Zorrilla also does her final song at the piano. Her dress looks like a ballet costume. Randy says she doesn't always make a connection, but Julie's in. She is so excited, she picks up Ryan.

Lauren Turner is next. Randy says Hollywood week was tough for Lauren. "There were moments that were questionable," says Randy. She makes it.

Scotty McCreery sings “Long Black Train” and plays guitar. Randy says, “There were some highs and lows in Hollywood." Scotty takes ownership of his behavior. “We’re big fans,” says Randy, “Guess what that means…you’re in the Top 24.”

John Wayne Shultz is out.

Jovany Barreto sings “Angel” for his last performance. It wasn't unanimous, but he makes the cut.

Lauren Turner sings “Steal Away." She makes the cut even though the judges weren't blown away by her in Hollywood.

Tiwan Strong and Erin Kelly don't make it.

Rachel Zevita sings “I’ll Never Love Again" for her final performance. Her mother and grandmother made the trip from New York to be with her. Jennifer says she's been a fan for more than just this season, but they want to see her... al of her. ”"You can’t think what does that person in the 3rd row want from me?” JLo says, “I’m really sorry to have to say…you’re coming through," says Steven. She is stunned.

Kendra Chantelle sings her audition song, “I Never Felt This Way,” for her final audition. She thinks she's gotten progressively better. Steven babbles about being concerned and looking beyond good, but no matter... Kendra's in.

Jordan Dorsey sings “Oh so High.” He gets very defensive. JLo says she's always been a supporter. They talk about the audition drama. JLo tries to fake him out, but he's in.

Lauren Alaina sings "Unchained Melody" for her last shot. She impressed the judges early on, but her Vegas performance was a little rough. Her dress is rather ballet costume as well. She's also wearing pink, sparkly boots. She says she's freaking out. Steven says they fell in love with her when they first heard her. JLo says they got so much amazing talent when they opened it up to 15-year-olds. She makes the cut.

Stefano Langone does an original song at the piano for his last performance. I'm liking that they're letting them sing original material. JLo says, "At the end of the day, we just really, really feel that we'd love to have you in our Top 24."

Jackie Wilson sings "Because of You" and blows the lyrics. She's hoping and praying for the best, and hopes she's there tomorrow. JLo says they've had to analyze everything. She says Jackie started strong out of the blocks and fizzled out at the end. JLo tells her she didn't make it. Jackie asks why. "There's no way to change your minds," she asks. No, there isn't. Jackie says she doesn't agree. She gets a kiss from her older boyfriend.

Jacob Lusk sing "Song for You." He overdoes it as usual, but if this guy can learn to control his vocals, he could really go far. Do you get that I love this guy. Randy says it's been a tough journey for all of them. Randy says Jacob's performance of "God Bless the Child" is the best performance on the show, ever. Jacob makes the cut and sings praises! He so reminds me of George!!! He runs out of the audition room.

It is after 9 p.m. and there are only a few people left.

Pia Toscano says it's been a long day. Her solo "Since You're Gone." She says she's nervous. JLo says they're gonna keep it short and sweet. "You made it into the Top 24." Now she can hang with her friend Karen.

James Durbin is next. We are reminded of his disabilities once again. He sings "Change is Gonna Come." You don't want to be compared to Lambert, yet you sing one of his signature songs. I'm not buying it. But he blows the judges away. Steven gets right to the point. He says James will go on to great heights as high as he sings. He's in.

Casey Abrams sailed through Hollywood. For his final audition, he plays his standup bass once more singing "Why Don't You Do Right." He says he wants to prove he can be sexy. He takes the long walk. He says he likes looking at the judges. Randy says in the history of the show they've never had a musician as talented as Casey. "It's like three people in one." He makes it Casey jumps up and the chair falls over. I just hope he's well enough to perform in the semis.

Jessica Cunningham and Thia Megia are the last two girls, and of course, there's only one spot. They are going in together. "You are the undertaker to me," Jessica says to Ryan. She sings "You Raise Me Up" for her final performance.

This is Jessica's seventh audition. It's Jessica's birthday. She's 25. JLo says there's a lot to take into consideration. "There's only one spot left... you've both had moments that were a little shaky." Jessica says it's her seventh time and she made it this far last year. JLO says she understands. This makes it and Jessica does not.

Jessica says getting cut on her birthday is evil. She gives 'Idol' the finger. She'll never be back again, that's for sure.

We've got three guys left (Brett Loewenstern, Jacee Badeaux, and Colton Dixon) and only one spot. Brett tells Ryan there's two spots. "We've been doing the math," he says. But he's wrong. The three guys go in together to learn

It's tough, but when all is said and done, it's Brett who makes it. Lots of tears and Brett attempts to be positive by saying they're all winners for making the Top 40 out of hundreds of thousands of people. Brett is love.

Summing it all up...

The guys

Brett Loewenstern, Casey Abrams, Clint Jun Gamboa, James Durbin, Jacob Lusk, Jordan Dorsey, Jovany Barreto, Paul McDonald, Robbie Rosen, Scott McCreery, Stefano Langone, and Tim Halperin.

The girls

Ashton Jones, Haley Reinhart, Julie Zorrilla, Karen Rodriguez, Kendra Chantelle Campbell, Lauren Alaina Suddeth, Lauren Turner, Naima Adedapo, Pia Toscano, Rachel Zevita, Tatynisa Wilson, and Thia Megia.

We get to see the traditional dance of the Top 24 and we are out. Boys perform Tuesday and the girls on Wednesday. Results Thursday. 'Idol' overload. See you then!

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