Wednesday, April 28, 2010

'American Idol 9' - Top 6 results show recap

Tuesday, the Top 6 performed music from Shania Twain's catalog. I predicted the bottom three would be Aaron, Siobhan, and Casey, with Casey going home. I'm wavering on that, but am sticking to my prediction. Not sure whether I'll change my pool, though, because I have a sneaking suspicion it's going to go a bit differently. But we'll soon find out!

Cold opening starts in the control room and a collection of clips from Tuesday's show. It's a mishmosh of images with a countdown to the live opener. There's no consistency with this show anymore! Ryan enters the studio via the stairs in the audience. He tells us 33 million votes came in Tuesday night. Shakira and Rascal Flatts are performing, along with Sons of Sylvia (formerly the Clark Brothers) and Lady Antebellum.

Ryan intros the judges. Rascal Flatts kicks things off with their new single, "Unstoppable." How I long for the days of the 30 minute results shows with the group medley, Ford commercial, maybe one performance from a former Idol and the results.

After Rascal Flatts performs, Ryan teases us by saying they will be performing with Shakira later in the show. That should be interesting.

After the break, we get some cutesy clips of the Top 6 preparing for their Ford video shoot. This week, they're all made up as vampires. Siobhan's makeup is particularly good. After the video, we see a clip of the Idols visiting the set of Shrek Forever After. They have a chance to do some voiceovers and fail miserably! After, they have a chance to attend a special screening of the movie. Ryan has three lines in this one, by the way.

Cameron Diaz and Antonio Banderas show up to plug the film. The movie will be released May 21 and it's the last of the Shrek series. Antonio gives us his best, "Dim the lights and here we go," and we're ready to start the eliminations.

Ryan is forming three groups of two. Siobhan is first. She says singing in front of Shania was a bit intimidating, but it was an honor and "wicked cool." Siobhan goes to the left of the stage. Aaron is next. He goes to the center of the stage.

Michael Lynche stands and goes to the right of the stage. Lee is next. He says it was hard to make such a well known song his own. He joins Siobhan. Casey stands up. Kara says Casey's buried his range week after week, but this week, he showed that he could make a song his own. He joins Michael.

Crystal is last. Ryan asks Ellen if she thinks Crystal is in danger. She doesn't. Crystal joins Aaron.Ryan walks Siobhan over to the Michael/Casey group and tells us this is the bottom three. The other three are safe, natch.

After the break, Ryan lets us know that next week, Harry Connick Jr. is the mentor and the theme is Frank Sinatra. Siobhan singing Sinatra ought to be interesting.

Carrie Underwood appears in a pre-taped clip introducing Sons of Sylvia. She tells us they've been making music together since she "walked off this stage." Sons of Sylvia used to be the Clark Brothers, and as such, were the winners of 2007's The Next Great American Band.  They've changed their vibe completely, and now sound more rock than country. I'm sick of Idol pimping these losers, quite honestly.

Back from another break, Ryan is sitting in the audience with one of the Kardashians. He introduces Lady Antebellum with their triple-platinum song "Need You Now." I actually like this song and find their harmonies quite nice. Someone on one of the Twitter feeds I'm reading wrote that the female singer tried out for Idol twice but didn't make it! Heh!

After Lady Antebellum sings, Ryan is up on the balcony with the bottom three. He lets us know that we'll find out whose journey will come to an end after... Rascal Flatts performs with Shakira. Goody.

The Shakira/Rascal Flatts number starts with Shakira playing harmonica. Gypsy-like dancers accompany Shakira as RF provides the musical accompaniment. Rascal Flatts' lead singer attempts to sing with her. It's a hot mess.

Ryan asks Shakira how the contestants should proceed. She quotes President Roosevelt. There's a whole lot of reverb on her mic. I am stunned by the stupidity of all of this.

Finally, the moment of truth. Ryan asks Michael how he feels. He says everyone had a good night and there's no shame in being in the bottom three. Ryan tells him he's safe! I gasp. Right before the show I changed my office pool and put all 20 points on Michael. Damn! I was in 7th place!

Finally, we get to the actual results. A construction worker and a glass blower. "The person who goes home tonight is Siobhan Magnus!" Wow. Didn't see that coming. The audience is on their feet. Crystal is about to dissolve.

Siobhan watches her funeral video, sings "Think," gives us one final shriek, hugs her family and the judges, and that's it.  No more Siobhan shrieking and no chance to hear her sing Sinatra.

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