Wednesday, April 7, 2010

‘American Idol 9′ – Top 9 results show recap

On Tuesday, the Top 9 of American Idol 9 performed music by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. It was a pretty good night, and even “Teflon” Tim Urban managed to get praise from the judges. Andrew Garcia was the only Idol to get harsh criticism and I predict he’ll be the one to go. Will this be the end of the “bromance” between he and Lee DeWyze? Let’s watch and find out, shall we?

Lots of video clips open the show tonight. We’re getting all kinds of creative this year with the video cam, aren’t we! Ryan takes the stage the normal way (no stairway entrance). He says there are “shocking” results coming tonight. Ohhhh? Shocking? Aaron? He lets us know Rhianna, Jason somebody-or-other-that-I’ve-never-heard-of-before, and David Archuleta will perform for us tonight.

Ryan plugs “Idol Gives Back,” which is in two weeks. The judges will be donating to the cause. Simon is donating a chance for someone to make a record and Ellen some tennis shoes and VIP tickets to the show.

Plug for the sponsors and then we bring out the Top 9 for a medley of an assortment of Lennon/McCartney hits. Lee starts “Here, There, and Everywhere.” “Got to Get You Into My Life” follows.” They’re all wearing black and white and the girls are wearing white go-go boots. Crystal leads off on “Fool on the Hill.” She’s wearing what looks like a 1960s short prom dress. “She Loves You” follows. They close with a dramatic verse of “The End” and an astoundingly awesome pointy pose! Cheese at its absolute finest!

Back from the break, we see this week’s Ford music video, a soulless rendition of “Go Round in Circles” where the Idols are all in a kaleidoscope. Back for the eliminations. Casey says he’s ready and Tim says they just got to sing some of the best songs in the world. Katie says she’s a little nervous, but is keeping the hope alive. They are all wearing different clothes so I guess the medley was pre-taped.

Ryan starts with Siobhan. Ryan wonders what confused Kara about Siobhan’s song. She says it was restrained and dramatic, but after Siobhan explained it came from the heart, that’s all that matters. Ryan brings Siobhan to the center of the stage. Crystal is next. She joins Siobhan who looks confused by all this.

Katie stands. Ryan asks her who she was thinking about. She was singing it for her grandmother (remember, the one with Alzheimer’s). She joins Siobhan and Crystal. Ryan asks Randy if he thinks one of these girls should be heading home. He does not think so. The audience agrees. Ryan tells Crystal she is safe. She hugs the other two. Ryan then says he can tell them that one of them is safe and so is the other! So tricky.That was just cruel. And stupid.

Ryan tells us Adam Lambert will be next week’s guest mentor? Really? Katie looks surprised. I guess she didn’t know.

Jason Derulo (I looked up his name), who is signed with Kara’s label, performs “In My Head,” his hit single. Okay, I’ve heard this on the radio, but didn’t know who sang it. Jason has on an “Adam Lamberty” jacket with spikey things coming out of the shoulders. Guess he missed his week. Jason does some neat Michael Jackon-ish dance moves. The screen goes to black and white. There are pyrotechnics. He does a full split. No wonder his voice is so high.

Ryan asks a beaming Kara what she saw in Jason when she first met him. She says he’s an incredible songwriter and dancer, and she’s so proud of him. Simon says it was great.

We come back from the break with David Archuleta singing “Imagine.” He’s playing piano. Are you paying attention Aaron? The swaying arms aren’t anywhere near close to being on the beat. Now they are clapping off beat. As for Archie, he sounds pretty good. He has a lot more control and his phrasing is much better. It’s a nice performance and makes me all sorts of nostalgic for Season 7. Good times.

David joins Ryan. He says the finale performance was more intense. He says he always feels like you’re going to be judged. Archie is working on his next album, writing and recording.

Back to the results. We’re still looking for the bottom three. We’ll form two groups. Lee is first. Ryan asks Lee if there’s self-doubt. He says he needs to show more confidence, and that he feels like he’s got it. Randy shouts out, “Own it baby.” Lee heads to the far side of the stage.

Michael is next. He’s bursting out of his vest. Michael doesn’t think it was too theatrical and if you want the studio version, “check me out on iTunes.” Mike starts a new group.

Casey stands. He joins Lee. I hate this crap. Just call out the bottom three already. Aaron stands up. Ryan asks Simon if Aaron has a good enough vocal to stay in the competition. Simon says Aaron’s problem is that he’s trying to sound too much like the original artist. Aaron joins Michael.

Tim stands. Girls scream. Tim smiles. He joins Lee and Casey (OMG, Aaron and Michael have to be the bottom three). Andrew, of course, joins Mike and Aaron. Ryan tells us one of the groups is safe and the other is the bottom three. He asks Ellen to guess which group is the bottom three. She says she hates this part and chooses Mike, Aaron, and Andrew. She’s right. Aaron, Andrew, and Mike are the bottom three. That means Tim is safe! Again! And not even the bottom three. VFTW crashes as Worsters celebrate!

Ryan sends Aaron back to safety. The Kelly family celebrates. It’s either going to be Andrew or Michael who will face the judges and sing for his life. It’s gotta be Andrew, right? If it’s Mike, the judges will definitely use the save. No question about it.

But before we find out who has the lowest number of votes, we have to sit through Rhianna singing “Rock Star 101,” her new single. She uses the Adam Lambert stairway to enter. She’s wearing a skin tight black leather catsuit with big shoulders. I love her hair, though. The lyrics are repetitive and boring. She fakes playing an electric guitar. This is what pop music has been reduced to?

Okay, finally, with four minutes to go, we get to the results. “Two fathers, both trying to make a better life for their families… The person who will perform next week and is safe is… Andrew.” OMG. No way. Crystal is ready to cry. I am not happy.

Michael sings “This Woman’s Work” again. Good choice. His wife is crying. I am chanting “Save him.” He does an incredible job on the song. No way should he go home. I can’t believe I’m this emotional over a stupid Idol elimination. The entire audience is chanting, “Save him, save him.”

Simon says they all wish Michael did something like this yesterday. “We only have one save in the competition. This is unanimous. We have decided we are going to see you next week. The judges hug. Kara jumps up and down. Even the band is excited. That was pretty cool. I hate the idea of the judges’ save, but I totally love it when they use it.

So, Michael will be back next week, but shouldn’t relax because two people will bite the dust next week to make up for the save. That’s okay. Adam Lambert will save the day and inspire the Idols to reach heights previously unimagined. Or not!

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