Thursday, April 15, 2010

‘American Idol 9′ – Top 9 become Top 7

The show opens with a black and white clip of Big Mike’s save. Then we cut to clips of the Idols in Vegas. Adam says, “Two people are going home this week. You gotta wake up.” More clips, this time of the contestants singing and the judges’ reactions, including Simon’s “You have gone from zero to hero” comment to Tim.

Ryan takes the stage via the Adam Lambert Memorial Staircase. He has great news. Over 34 million votes came in Tuesday, the highest so far. He tells us Brooke White and Justin Gaston are performing, along with “our mentor,” Adam Lambert.

Ryan intros the judges. He calls Simon, “Psycho.” The contestants hit the stage with a medley of Elvis songs. The girls start out “Burning Love” and try to do Elvis’ dance leg. Tim opens “Teddy Bear.” I hate that they lip synch these songs. They don’t even look like they’re trying to sing anymore! Crystal looks particularly odd. “Return to Sender” follows and they close with “Viva Las Vegas,” complete with spectacular pointy pose.

We return from the break just in time for the Ford music video. The Idols are planting trees in the middle of the street and singing “Follow the Day.” Time for the results. Ryan starts with Casey. He looks like he’s gotten hair extensions. Aaron and Andrew also stand up, and Ryan calls them to the center of the stage.

Ryan reads their cards. Ryan asks Andrew how it feels knowing two people are leaving. He says it’s been stressful. Ryan says it’s tough even for them to have to eliminate two people. Then bam. “Andrew, it’s the end of the road for you.” Andrew is out, and apparently, Casey and Aaron are safe. This does not bode well for Timmeh.

Andrew sings “You Give Me Something,” his best performance in the competition. After he sings, he thanks everyone. Classy farewell from Andrew.

Back from the commercial break. Ryan tells us Idol Gives Back is next week and there are still some great items up for bid. There’s a clip of Elliott Yamin and Kara on their trip to Africa. This is Elliott’s second trip to Angola (he went in 2008 with Fantasia). The nun who runs the place welcomes Elliott warmly. They are building a new dorm for the kids. We see the current dorm where 51 kids sleep and the new dorm, which will be malaria-proof. Elliott and Kara are there to distribute bed nets to help protect the kids from malaria. I love Elliott, but I’m not digging his deep v-neck tee shirt.

Elliott’s in the house tonight. Ryan tells us the Black Eye Peas, Annie Lennox, Sir Elton John, Carrie Underwood, Mary J. Blige, and more will perform on the show.

Brooke White and Justin Gaston perform “If I Can Dream.” Their harmonies are quite nice and Brooke doesn’t forget the lyrics. I have no idea who Justin is, although I think he used to be Miley Cyrus’ boyfriend. The remaining eight Idols look completely bored.

Back from the break and more results. Ryan invites the entire bottom row to join him on the stage (Tim, Crystal, Lee, Siobhan, Katie, and Mike). Someone shouts out, “Go Tim.” Ryan starts with Lee who says he feels like he’s playing a concert and is having more fun.

Siobhan is next, then Katie. Katie says she’s trying to show she’s learning and getting better. Big applause for Michael. He says the save made him extremely grateful for every moment. He loves the judges and the people. Ryan reads Crystal and Tim’s cards. Tim flashes a big small. “After 34 million votes, Crystal, you are safe,” Ryan says. She plays a little harmonica on her way back to the couches. Siobhan is also safe. Ryan reminds us that Chris Daughtry sang “Suspicious Minds” the week he was eliminated. Ryan walks Lee to the couches and sits down with him before telling him he is safe. Tim, Michael, and Katie are left. One of them will be going home after Adam Lambert performs. Oh, please don’t let it be Timmeh, please.

Back from the break. Ryan tells us next week, the contestants will sing inspirational songs and Alicia Keys will be the mentor.

Adam starts “Whataya Want From Me” in silhouette with greenish lighting, lasers, and what looks like a tornado over his head. He’s totally changed up the song and is singing live. Too much autotune and the lighting is horrible, but it’s a strong performance. Of course, compared to what we’re suffering through this season, he’s bound to look amazing in comparison. One thing for certain, whatever you think about Adam, there’s no one in this year’s competition who even comes close to performing the way he did.

Ryan asks Adam what he learned from ‘Idol.’ Adam says when you’re in the business, you’re working your butt off and he learned so much from being on the show. He thanks ‘Idol.’

Finally, we get to the moment of truth. Tim, Michael, and Katie are on the stage. Ryan sends Tim back to the couches of safety! TIMMEH!!! He tells us the person who is not going home was not even in the bottom three. “The person going home tonight is… Katie!” Siobhan’s face is crumpling.

Katie sings us out with “Let it Be.” No save for you, sweetie. Wonder if the judges regret saving Big Mike now? And, with her elimination, that leaves only two girls in the season that was supposed to be all about the girls. Ironic, isn’t it.

As Katie finishes up, Andrew toddles out for his funeral vid. Katie’s crying now. Hey, someone had to go, right? And we’re out.

Tim Urban defies the odds and makes it to the Top 7. Who’d a thunk he’d outlast little Katie, who appeared to be one of the “chosen ones” early on. Never underestimate the power of the people (VFTW). Never.

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