Friday, March 12, 2010

‘American Idol 9′ – Lilly and Katelyn speak their minds

After Ryan Seacrest announced her elimination Thursday night, it was clear Lilly Scott was not happy with the voters’ decision.

“I don’t know what America wants to hear, I don’t,” she said after watching Katie Stevens walk tearfully to join the rest of the new Idol Season 9 top 12. And Lilly was just getting started. She continued in this vein during Friday’s post-elimination satellite press conference.

“I guess my friends weren’t there voting,” she said. “My voting demographic doesn’t watch the show. They’re out riding their bikes or doing something more productive than watching TV or voting on American Idol.”

When asked why she auditioned, she replied, “I thought I could break the mold. But I guess it’s just another season of the same old stuff.” She thinks that being voted off will help her maintain her “indie cred.” Well, maybe, but most likely, Lilly Scott will go right back to what she was doing before Idol, working in a local band.

Katelyn Epperly, who was also eliminated Thursday, was unhappy with Lilly’s elimination. “It was a pretty big disappointment to see Lilly go home,” she said in the presser. Katelyn criticized the show’s format, which requires contestants to sing covers rather than original songs. “People like us would excel if they could sing originals,” she said. “It would really bring to light all these musicians.”

Katelyn is now solidly in Crystal Bowersox’s corner. “She totally deserves it, and I’m going to be pulling for her all the way,” Katelyn said Friday.

It’s actually refreshing that these two talented young women are not pulling any punches and playing nicey nice about the obvious. And, while neither named any names, it’s pretty clear they are both resentful that Katie Stevens rather undeservedly made the cut and the did not.

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