Thursday, March 4, 2010

‘Idol’ says farewell to four more

American Idol’ dropped four more semi-finalists Thursday night, bringing the count down to 16, 12 of whom will make the Top 12 next week. Here’s how Thursday’s show went down.

After an overly dramatic opening, we learn that 27 million votes were cast between the two nights. Ryan talks to the judges and Simon says when he watched the show back, he realized the he had made a mistake in complimenting one of Wednesday’s contestants.

The Top 20 perform the Black Eyed Peas’ “I Gotta Feelin,” clomping around the stage as though they are wearing cement boots. Casey has a bemused, pained look on his face and Siobhan looks particularly bizarre in her shorts, tee shirt, and Chuck Taylors.

The eliminations start with the boys. The back row stands up. Tim Urban is first and he is safe. He doesn’t look as shocked as he did last week, but is still quite surprised. Todrick is next and Ryan has him remain standing. Michael and Casey are both safe (shocking, I know) and we come to John. No surprise, he remains standing with Todrick. Who’s going home? John. No surprise at all. He never quite got it.

John doesn’t seem at all surprised and his encore of “Gravity” is actually better than what he did Tuesday.

We continue. Lee is first and he is safe. Aaron and Alex also make the cut leaving Andrew and Jermaine the last two out. This should be a no brainer! Ellen mocks the way Simon says “frustrated” and says she is sad. And, no surprise, Jermaine Sellers is out.

Jermaine blabs on about God and the gets set to sing again. I fast forward through the performance. I never want to hear or see him again.That’s how much he annoys me!

Season 8’s Danny Gokey is the guest performer. I love that they’re bringing back former Idols on these results shows. Danny sings his single, “My Best Days are Ahead of Me.” It’s country all right! His vocals are forced and I am reminded of how much I disliked him on the show. Still, he’s better than most of this year’s guys. Who’d a thunk it!

Danny seems very happy to be back and is excited about meeting Ellen. They get into a brief conversation about his appearing on her show. He talks about how he came to the decision to do country. Apparently it’s Randy Travis’ fault. He also mentions that the guy who wrote his song had also lost his wife and Danny didn’t even know it until after he had recorded the song. Danny is positively ebullient! Get off the stage, Gokey.

The lights dim and it’s time to cut two of the girls. Again, the back row stands. Lilly, Paige, and Katie are safe. No surprises there. It comes down to Didi and Michelle. Ryan asks Kara who she thinks should go home and she says that when she watched Michelle’s performance again, she realized Michelle was off. Do they know who’s going home? Hmmmm.

Didi should really be worried, but this week, she’s safe and Michelle is going home. She takes it well and sings “With Arms Wide Open Again.” It’s not good. The camera keeps cutting back to Didi who realize she barely escaped. Please step it up, Didi, please.

The bottom row of girls rise. Katelyn, Crystal, and Siobhan are safe. It’s between Haeley and Lacey – a toss-up, really. Ryan asks Simon what he thinks and he says it’s obvious who will be going home. And it really is. Haeley is eliminated and never stops smiling. Before Haeley can torture us again in song, we see the contestants farewell video package. When it ends, Katie is crying.

Haeley sings “The Climb” again. I can’t watch this again, sorry. I fast-forward out!

Scott MacIntyre returns to sing his single “Heartstrings” on next week’s results show when the Top 12 is chosen. Then, we can drop this Thursday results show routine!

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