Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Top 16 – Who will stay and who will go?

This is it, folks! The night we find out who will be in this year’s Top 12. If you think about it, these people have given up a lot for this opportunity. They’ve left jobs, schools, and families, and it’s all about making the Top 12. They’ve been in L.A. for three weeks, making very little money, and to be cut now, just before the gravy train leaves the station really is devastating.

Of course, the real money comes for those who make the Top 10 and get to go on the tour, but you can’t make the tour if you don’t make this cut!

The also-rans will soon be forgotten – really, do you remember anyone from last year’s Top 16 who didn’t make the cut? Heck, I don’t even remember who was eliminated in the Top 12 or 11! So, it’s important for them and good TV watching for us! Remember my predictions – Paige, Lilly, Todrick, and Aaron. Will I be right?

The show starts out with performance clips, judges’ comments, and little clips of the contestants. Ryan says we may be in for a surprise or two. Ohhhh! Ryan intros the judges and we get a little PhotoChop of Randy in a bikini.

The Top 16 perform Michael Buble’s “I Just Haven’t Met You Yet.” There’s faux 1960s psychedelic swirls going on in the background. Again, the vocals aren’t bad, but the choreography is totally lame!

Back from the break, Ryan tells us that next week, the Top 12 will be performing music by the Rolling Stones. Oh lawdy. He also tells us you can go to iTunes and download the song lists the contestants are listening to when making their decision as to what song to pick as well as performance songs and videos.

There are twelve empty stools on the stage. The Top 12 will fill those stools. Didi joins Ryan center stage. She talks a little about her journey and then Ryan tells her she made it to the Top 12! All right Didi.

Siobhan is next. Simon winks at her. She tells Ryan she’s having a blast. Ellen tells her she would like to see Siobhan do exactly what she’s doing. She loves how unique Siobhan is. And Siobhan is also in the Top 12.

Ryan calls down Paige and Katelyn. Oh oh. “One of you is in, and the other will be going home tonight,” Ryan tells them. Ryan asks Simon which one has the most potential. He said he would have said Paige three weeks ago, but since they’ve been doing live, Paige hasn’t done as well. But considering Katelyn’s performance this week, he still thinks Paige has the most potential! And guess what? Paige makes it through and Katelyn does not. I am shocked! Good work Worsters!

That’s one I missed. Katelyn sings again and the other girls are verklempt.

Now for the guys. Ryan calls down Tim, Todrick, Lee, and Casey. Ryan starts with Tim. He reads Tim’s card and tells him to hang tight. Todrick is next, and Ryan jumps to Lee. Casey is last. We are reminded that he “stripped for Kara.” But Casey is safe and moves to the stools. His grandma is thrilled! Tim is then told to go join Casey. He has that befuddled look on his face again and goes to the stools.

Todrick and Lee are left. Ryan asks if they both deserve a spot. Randy says Lee definitely does because he’s been consistent. One is going home. And that on is… Lee. Todrick’s going home. Crystal looks very, very sad. Todrick says it’s been an awesome experience and that he’s proven he can sing as well as dance. Sorry Todrick. He sings his song again. And he tears it up. Bummer for him. Ryan says he feels like they should go to the judges. Randy says, “That was fantastic.”

Lilly and Crystal are wiping away tears. Katie is also crying.

After the break, Scott MacIntyre and Matt Giraud perform their piano duet of “Tell Her About It” complete with horns. Matt sounds great. Scott, not so much. Amazing how good Matt seems compared to most of these guys. Shoot, you coulda won this year, dude! Well all right! That was fun! Scott has an album out and Matt is doing an EP.

Back for more results. Crystal is next. She looks worried. Don’t worry, sweetie. It is yours to lose. “Congratulations, you have made the Top 12.” She doesn’t look all that happy. Michael Lynche is next. He goes to the stage and says, “That’s what Debbie said to do!” Mike is HUGE! Kara is still teary. She says “When someone sings something about what they’re going through, they sing it differently. As the listener, it really, really touched me.” Mike says he has a lot riding on this. Ryan asks if he can fit in one stool. And he’s in.

Lacey stands up. It’s her second shot at the Top 12 for Lacey. And guess what? Lacey’s through to the Top 12. Crystal still doesn’t look thrilled. What’s up with that?

Aaron is next. He says he’s defnitely going to bring more confidence. He says the judges are a little bit intimidating. No, tell me no… oh, no, he’s made it through. His mom and her friend cry. This means two more stools and four more contestants.

Alex and Andrew come down. Ryan reads their cards. He asks Simon if Andrew peaked too soon. Simon says yes, but thinks he’s still a very talented singer. The last spot goes to Andrew. Alex is out. He says he had a lot of fun and wishes he could have stayed because America hasn’t seen everything he can do. He’s crying. So is Siobhan. Ellen tells him to never stop believing in himself. And he has to sing again. He knows he blew this opportunity and you can hear it in his voice. It’s a very emotional moment.

We come back from the break and Alex is fully crying. Very emotional. Two girls are left – Katie and Lilly. This could be a total shocker! Ryan asks Kara what her reaction is to seeing the two of them up there. She doesn’t really know what to say. The final seat in the Top 12 belongs to… Katie. People are stunned. I knew this could happen, but I’m not happy about it at all. Lilly says that a lot of incredible talent is going home tonight and she really doesn’t know what America wants to listen to. Honey, look at the Billboard Hot 100. That’s the tripe people want to listen to. Katie is totally bawling now, and for good reason. She escaped by her tail.

Lilly sings again. Crystal is falling apart. I am looking at Lacey and thinking, “You made it over Lilly?” Stupid, just plain stupid.

The booted ones watch their farewell video and it’s a wrap. I’m not going to comment further tonight, but trust me, there’s more to come!

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