Wednesday, March 17, 2010

‘American Idol 9′ – Top 12 results show recap

Tuesday night, the American Idol 9 Top 12 took on classic tunes from the Rolling Stones. There were some outstanding performances, and some, while memorable, not particularly amazing. Who will be the first to go?

Remember, I predicted Lacey, Andrew, and Tim in the bottom three with Tim getting the boot. Will I be right or will Tim live to reggae another week? Follow all the action on our live blog!

The show opens with the Everly Brothers’ “Dream” playing over a bunch of clips of the Idols’ journey to date. This cleverly segues into video of last night’s performances. Casey says this was the best feeling in his life, ever. Aaron says, “There’s so much at stake here.” Yup. Tonight someone’s dream will be shattered for sure.

Ryan opens the show and wishes us a Happy Saint Patrick’s day. The lighting director is Irish so we get a little green light show. Ryan welcomes the judges. Simon comments on Ryan’s “aggresive behavior” from last night and says it was uncomfortable. Ryan says he was just trying to help get some constructive criticism. Simon wonders if Ryan wants his job. Ryan says he does not. It’s all just another way to burn some minutes from the show. Have I mentioned how much I hate one-hour results show? Well, I do.

All this awkward conversation leads to a discussion of the stupid judges’ save. I thought they’d abandoned this, but apparently not. Simon tells us they can save anyone up to the Top 5, but it has to be unanimous. Great.

David Cook is back performing “Jumpin’ Jack Flash.” Show ‘em how it’s done, DC. Finally, we get to hear a Stones’ song done at least somewhat correctly! Cook ain’t no Jagger, but at least he didn’t murder the song. His band is pretty good, and this is a much better way to start the show than a corny group song. Somehow, though, I don’t think we’ll be spared that torment.

David says it’s cool to be back when no one has to vote on him. He’s working on a new record and he’s pretty excited about it. Ryan tells us David will be going to Africa as part of Idol Gives Back. Ryan keeps calling it Idol Comes back. Doofus. We go to break.

We come back from the break and Ryan tells us we “possibly” will say goodbye to someone tonight. Possibly? Oh, yeah, right, this person could be saved. Not.

The first Ford commercial has paint-splattering and the song “Tick Tick Boom.” Casey wasn’t in the shoot because he had the flu. The contestants worked with a graphic designer to design their own custom Ford Fiesta graphic for the video. Lacey’s is leopard print with a bird on it. Why are we seeing this? Oh, because we can enter to win one of these.

Time for the results. There are three stools on the other side of the stage reserved for the bottom three. Paige is first. She says her voice is a little bit better. Paige is in the bottom three. Lee is next. He says he can learn to relax on the stage and he’ll have a chance because he is safe.

Siobhan stands up. After glamming it up last night, she’s back to “normal” with a mismatched, sloppy outfit. Ryan asks Ellen if she thinks Siobhan has the same potential Adam Lambert had. She says Siobhan already stands out. Ellen tells us Snooki’s Poof is a sugar-free dessert. Actually, it’s a reference to Snooki from The Jersey Shore’s bouffant hairdo. Siobhan is safe.

Now for Aaron. Randy tries to explain what he meant by the Justin Timberlake reference to no avail. Aaron is safe and gets a hug from Siobhan. Andrew and Tim stand up together. Tim’s hair is all flattened out. He looks ridiculous and makes stupid faces.

Ryan asks Kara if she’s comfortable seeing either of them leave, and she says “Yikes, guys, it wasn’t good.” Based on that, she says yes. And it’s Tim in the bottom three. “One more person will have to face the fire coming up,”Ryan tells us as we go to break.

Ryan is sitting with Tim and Paige, and introduces Orianthi who’s singing her hit single “According to You.” Did you know Orianthi was the guitar player from Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” tour? Well, now you do. Methinks she should stick to the guitar.

Orianthi tells Ryan she played with Carrie Underwood at the Grammys, which led to her audition for MJ. She says that was really intense and it was amazing working with him – a dream come true.

Ryan recaps that Paige and Tim are in the bottom three for those with a short attention span. Didi stands up. She says she’s just going to go with it and isn’t planning. Mom is in the audience tonight. Although she can’t bear to be at the performance shows, she comes to the results show. Mom can breathe a sigh of relief because Didi is safe.

Crystal stands up. She explains that she never thought for one second that she had it made. She doesn’t like that Simon put words in her mouth and lets him know it. Good for you, Crystal. “After the nationwide vote, Crystal, you are safe. Take a seat.” Big shock.

Katie is next. Obviously she is safe since there are three more people are left on the couch. Katie says she’s been a bit confused by all the mixed messages she’s been gettng from the judges. She said she took a song she thought she could do well with and tried her best. Ryan reminds Kara that she had once said Katie could win the competition.

Kara says Katie hasn’t been consistent and has some pitch problems. Nice way to back pedal, Kara. Simon disagrees and says he thinks Katie should do more country stuff. Randy says she should be doing more pop stuff and Ellen thinks mariachi would be best! No matter. Katie is safe.

Michael is next. He says he’s here for the people who inspire him to move. Power to the people. “Mike, the empty stool is not for you… you are safe.”

Casey and Lacey stand up. I just noticed the red plaidish background. “After the nationwide vote, unfortunately, Lacey is in the bottom three.” Ryan doesn’t even read her judges’ comments. Would that indicate she’s a goner.

Ryan wonders if Ellen thinks the judges will use their save tonight. She isn’t very convincing. Simon says one of them is worth saving. Paige? “The person that gets to stick around and compete for another week is… Tim.” Tim? Really?

Ke$ha performs “Blah, Blah, Blah.” People dressed as TVs dance around the stage. Some white guys rap and she ends up wearing a big feathered headdress. Certainly a performance to which the Idols should aspire. There’s really not much else to say.

We return from the break. Ryan reads Paige and Lacey’s judges’ comments. Randy says he’s not surprised to see them there. “After the nationwide vote, the person in danger of leaving the competition is Lacey Brown.” Paige is safe. Lacey sings “The Story” again. Good move. This was her best. The judges are deliberating while she sings. Randy and Simon are laughing. I don’t think this bodes well for Lacey. Looking back, these fake red/pink haired contestants usually fall early. Allison Iraheta was the only exception.

Lacey finishes up. It was nice, but certainly, not save-worthy. Ryan asks Simon if they will use the save. He says it was unanimous and they won’t be using the save. Lacey says she had a blast. Katie is crying again.

We see Lacey’s goodbye video. She sheds some tears, but not as many as Katie and Paige. Goodbye Lacey.

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