Wednesday, March 31, 2010

‘American Idol 9′ – Top 10 results show recap

Tuesday, the Top 10 performed R&B soul songs, and for the most part, their performances were halfway decent. I predicted Tim, Andrew, and Didi would be in the bottom three with Didi going home. Will I be right? Let’s find out.

The show opens with clips from last night’s performances with some kind of Clash of the Titans BS. Not sure what all this has to do with Idol, but whatever. Ryan tells us “Someone is in danger of leaving the competition.” In danger indeed.

No time to waste. Ruben Studdard performs his new single, “Don’t Make ‘Em Like U No More.” He looks great and sounds fab. After the performance, Ryan compliments Ruben on his weight loss. Ruben says he’s now a vegan and works out every day. Ryan calls Big Mike over to compare them. Weird. Ruben also drops an interesting tidbit that he and Clay Aiken are going on tour this summer.

The Ford video features all of the Top 10 except Casey in strange uniforms singing “Kung Fu Fighting.”

After the commercial, Ryan asks Mike about the strange purple hair piece he’s got glued to his head. Crystal tells us she started playing piano when she was six. She switched to guitar at 10. Andrew says he thinks he’s pretty cool despite the judges calling him boring. Ryan talks to Andrew’s mom who advises her son to be himself, “Because Mama raised him right.”

The Top 10 went to a screening of Clash of the Titans. The cast of the movie isn’t in L.A., though.

Now it’s time for some results. Lee is first. He says he watched himself back and that he felt it more than any other performance he’s done so far. He says he relaxed and had fun because every time you perform on this show, it could be your last time. Ryan asks Simon if Lee could be a finalist. Simon thinks he could be. Lee is safe.

Casey is next. The audience screams their adoration. Did you know “Hold On, I’m Coming” is Casey’s ringtone! Ryan asks how Casey is going to challenge himself. He says he does what song he wants to do and doesn’t think about getting crazy with it. Casey is also safe.

Aaron stands up. Ryan asks Aaron if he’s ever been in love. He hasn’t. Ryan switches to Simon, who he tells us, is in love. He wonders how Aaron can perform convincingly when he’s never been in love. Simon says this isn’t the Oprah Winfrey Show! Kara says Simon is in love with himself. Aaron will have a chance to practice. He’s safe.

Siobhan and Katie stand together. Siobhan said it was hard to hear the negative feedback last night. She says it wasn’t her “favorite Idol moment.” But she assures us she’s not defeated and doesn’t take it that way. Ryan asks Katie how she is taking the judges’ advice. She says she’s going to take it and then decide for herself what feels best. Randy says Katie is a pop girl with a little R&B leaning. After the nationwide vote, Katie is in the bottom three. They hug. Siobhan is crying. Someone is yelling out “That’s not why.” I’m not sure what’s going on.

Simon says he is frustrated that Katie isn’t taking his advice.

After the break, Ryan talks to Justin Bieber who’s in the audience. Justin says Usher has had a big influence on his career. Really? Usher enters via what I’m going to call the Adam Lambert Memorial Staircase. There are lots of dancers and the song is heavily autotuned. I’ll watch Usher for the dancing, though. He’s got some fierce moves. He’s also singing this live. Good for you Usher.

Back to the results. Ryan reminds us the top row is safe. Siobhan still looks distraught. Didi is next. Ryan wonders why Didi has abandoned the guitar. She says she just started playing guitar a few years ago and it’s scary for her to do so. For her, playing guitar is taking a risk. Didi is in the bottom three and walks across the stage to join Katie.

Michael is next. Ellen says she calls him “Tiny Mike” for the sweet, sensitive person inside him. Ryan tries to bluff Mike and tells him to walk towards him. Foolin’ You’re safe. Siobhan is saying “Pick him up and throw him.” Michael picks Ryan up in the air.

Ryan is totally flustered. Crystal is next and Ryan quickly tells her she is safe. She threatens to pick Ryan up. Now for Tim and Andrew. They are arm in arm. Ryan asks Kara what she thinks about Tim smiling all the time. She wonders if he gets what they are saying. He says that every time he steps on the stage, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. So he has to smile. Andrew gets a quick read. “After a nationwide vote, Andrew, you are safe.” Tim is still smiling. Ryan is sending one back to safety. And it is… Katie. She hugs Tim. So it’s down to Didi and Tim.

Before we learn who has the lowest number of votes, Diddy offers up the exclusive world premiere of his new single, “Hello Good Morning.” He’s on the ALM Staircase as well. Diddy’s gotten kind of pudgy. The performance is elaborate, of course, with lots of dancers, smoke and some pretty intense strobe lights.

After he’s done, Diddy gives the judges some love. He’s totally out of breath and says it’s the first time he’s performed in a long time and he gives props to the Idols. He thanks the Idol crew for making him so comfortable.

Back from the break and we are about to learn who is being eliminated. “The person in danger of being eliminated tonight is… Didi Benami.” Wow. Teflon Tim does it again. VFTWers are celebrating all across the globe!

Didi is going to have a chance to sing for her life. She’s doing “Rhiannon” again. Will the judges save her? I say no. They are talking amongst themselves. Siobhan looks like she is praying. Didi did well. Ryan asks Simon for their decision. The audience starts chanting, “Save her.” Simon says, “Didi, it’s bad news sweetheart, we’re not going to save you. It was a million times better than last night.” We see Didi’s farewell video. It’s totally full of tears. She’s crying while she watches it. Everyone is crying.

So, I was right again. Tim slips through one more time, probably his last. VFTW has crashed!

Next week, the Lennon/McCartney song book. Oh boy.

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