Thursday, April 28, 2011

'American Idol 10' - Top 6 results show recap

Will Casey make it through this week?
It's results night for the Top 6, and I really think it's the end of the road for our Jacob. Performing in the "death spot" may have sealed it for him. But someone's got to go and it's going to get more interesting every week. Will James really win it as Randy predicted? He could, and in fact, I picked him in my pool to win it all back when we started, so that would be nice.

Anywho, it's time to catch all the action.

The Idols are in silhouette as the show opens. Our beloved Voiceover man intros the judges and Ryan.  The crowd goes wild and Ryan chuckles. Ryan tells us a lot of fans are going to be disappointed with tonight's results. Oh noes.... Casey? Lauren?

Ryan brings out the Top 6. Haley's hair is ramrod straight and Lauren's is curly. Ryan tells us Steven is on the cover of two magazines - Rolling Stone and People!  Ryan lets us know Bruno Mars and Crystal Bowersox are in the house, and then we have a clip honoring the royal wedding. The Top 6 visit the British counsulate  Fred Willard is there and the kids all have fun faking British accents.

The Top 6 perform  a tribute to Carole King. James has on his scarf tail. They sing "It Might as Well Rain Until September," "Take Good Care of my Baby," "One Fine Day," "Go Away Little Girl" (Scotty surrounded by a bunch of girls), and wrap it up with "It's Too Late."   Positively awful. Carole King must be ripping her ears off.

We return from the break with Ryan sitting on the couches. We see this week's Ford video. The Idols are singing "Our House" and fake-painting a house. Simple, but elegant.

Now for Crystal singing "Riding with the Radio." It's a spirited country tune complete with slide steel guitar and harp. Crystal's in good voice and she's got her bongy mic stand with her.  She looks thinner too and her teeth are lovely. Why didn't she win, can anyone tell me? The Idols come up and hug her when she's done.  Ryan tells us results are next. "Don't miss a moment of it," he says.

Now for the results. But first, Ryan plugs the tour. Tickets on sale May 13 (Syracuse September 6). Oh no, we have questions for the contestants. Someone wonders who Casey would do a duet with if he could sing with anyone living or dead. He says Oscar Peterson and demonstrates that he is a knowledgeable musician. Someone wants to know when Jacob discovered the range in his voice. He was six and in the car with his mother. To Lauren, what's the hardest thing about being on 'Idol.' She says it's missing friends and family, and notes the horrible tornadoes that hit Alabama.

Paula from Cali wants to know if Scotty ever had a job. He worked in a grocery store and in his mother's tanning salon. To James, did you play with a band before 'Idol?' He says he's played with a number of bands, including one with the boys from the show. Someone wants to know who Haley's favorite 'Idol' contestant. Adam, Siobhan, Kelly, and Lee (also Crystal). No Taylor Hicks, says Ryan.

Results now. Ryan calls them out individually. Haley's first. She's wearing a strange saggy mustard colored skirt. To kill time, we get to see them sing from last night. Jimmy Iovine says he agrees with Jennifer that Haley has the best voice, but she still doesn't know who she is. He thinks the audience is getting wind of that, and if she goes home, that's why. Steven tries to explain his comment about hearing God and boxing with Him. I still don't understand that. Haley isn't pleased with Jimmy's comment and  wants someone to tell her who she is! And poo poo on you Jimmy. Haley's safe.

Now for Scotty. Jimmy says Scotty's a phenom and compares him to Johnny Cash. He says Scotty has a subtlety that's magnificent, and that's where Scotty's in jeopardy. "After the nationwide vote, I'm going to have you relax for a moment... hang tight." What? Ryan calls Lauren up. Jimmy says Lauren only hears the negative in the critiques. He thinks Lauren is "here for the long run." Lauren says Jimmy's right and says she's trying to work on it. She is trying to be a bit more grateful. Ryan has Lauren take a seat as well.

Casey is next. Jimmy is disappointed that Casey growled too much. "The family dog does not watch this show." Casey says the growling is a reflection of his passion for the music. And, of course, he takes a seat as well. At this point, the only person who is safe is Haley. We go to break.

I really want to switch over to The Office.

We come back from the break and James is standing with Ryan. Jimmy says James isn't believable when he sings heavy metal. He thinks James could win if he picks the right songs. "After the nationwide vote, James, I can tell you now, you are safe." Now for Jacob. Jacob looked very young last night. Jimmy says on 'Idol' you need the whole package. He thinks Jacob could still go home. "He's on banana status."  Jimmy's an ass. Ryan has Jacob stay put and calls Lauren, Casey, and Scotty back up. Lauren is safe. So, who will it be? We have to wait until after Bruno Mars to learn the results.

Bruno Mars performs "The Lazy Song." Some of his band members are sitting on couches. He's got a complete horn section. I like the reggae beat of this, but it's kind of a dumb song.  I wonder how far Bruno would have made it on 'Idol!'

Man, talk about dragging this out. It's 8:52 and we still don't know who's in the Bottom 3. And we go to break.

8:55 and all is well.

Finally. Results are in random order. Jacob is safe! OMG. Casey and Scotty. Gotta be Casey, right? "The person who leaves the competition tonight on 'Idol' is... Casey Abrams."  Stupid. Should have been Jacob.

We see Casey's farewell video. Ryan says, "This is what talent looks like." Casey sings us out with "I Put a Spell on You." Haley looks sads. He kisses Steven, and jugs JLo and Randy. Then he goes into the audience and kisses a row of girls. He runs around some more, kissing people, then flings himself on the stage and rolls over a couple of times. And he finishes with his final, "Because you're mine" directly to Haley.  Farewell Casey, we will miss you.

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