Saturday, April 16, 2011

'CMT's Next Superstar' - Streetcorner seranade

Matt Dane found himself singing for survival on this week's 'CMT's Next Superstar'
'CMT's Next Superstar' got real interesting this week as the remaining nine contestants were split into groups of three. Each group was given a choice of songs to sing without knowing where or for whom they would perform. The next morning they were set loose on the streets of Nashville and each group was challenged to sing for tips from passersby. The group receiving the least amount of money had to sing for survival.

The groups consisted of Andrea Pearson, Steve Clawson, and Danielle Lauderdale; Wynn Dixon, Matt Mason, and Bri Bagwell; and Adrienne Beasley, Matt Dane, and Courtney Cole.

Ultimately, it was Adrienne, Matt, and Courtney who found themselves performing for guest judge Trace Adkins and Matt Serletic. Courtney blew the judges away with her rendition of Carrie Underwood's "So Small" and was quickly given a reprieve. This left Matt and Adrienne to face the judges the next morning in the "board room."

As this was Adrienne's second appearance in the Bottom 2, she was given a stern lecture by Serletic, who pretty much warned her he didn't want to see her there again before "dropping" Matt Dane from the competition.

'Superstar' is engaging and fast-paced. My only complaint is that two weeks in, I still don't really know these people individually. Much as I dislike the weeks and weeks of 'Idol' auditions, at least by the time we get to the top group, we know the contestants' names and a little bit about them. On the other hand, this group is well-balanced and there are several whom I would consider front-runners. Personally, I adore Wynn Dixon, the 50-year-old with an attitude.

CMT repeats this show throughout the week, so check it out.

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