Friday, April 29, 2011

'American Idol 10' - An unpredictable season

Back in March, I wrote a column for ranking the Top 11 as I saw them at that point in the game. Casey Abrams was at the top of the list, followed by Scotty, James, Pia, Jacob, and Paul. Well, I guess Casey's elimination blew that prediction!  Overall,  four out of six isn't bad, especially in a season that has been somewhat unpredictable. It's interesting that I saw Jacob in the Top 5 that early, and you can't blame me for my choice of Pia as the last girl standing. Who would have ever predicted Haley would outlast her? 

So why did Casey get the boot? I think the answer to that question lies in the demographic of  Idol viewers. Casey is a musician and performing artist. He entertained the audience, but I think he took it too far in terms of theatrics and as a result, turned off the average viewer. Casey will be great on tour and I think he'll do well post-Idol when he can do his own thing and perform for audiences who dig his peculiar vibe.

With just five left, the picture is getting clearer. I think James, Scotty, and Lauren will make Top 3, and James will get to the finals. Scotty and Lauren will be battling it out for that second slot, and I think Scotty will have the edge. As to who will win this, if Scotty makes it, I think he has a good chance of taking it all. On the other hand, if Lauren makes the finals, James will win. I have no doubt about that.

We'll find out soon enough. Next week, the Idols will each sing two songs, one current and one from the 1960s. On results night, Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull will perform “On The Floor." Lady Antebellum will also appear on the show.

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