Thursday, April 21, 2011

'American Idol 10' - Top 7 results show recap

Katy Petty and Kanye West performed "Extraterrestrial" on this week's 'Idol' results show
Last night, the Top 7 stepped into the 21st century, presumably to show viewers the direction they might take in the future. Tonight, we'll find out to whom viewers responded and who will be the next to join the chorus of the doomed. It's a whole new 'Idol' baby, and this year, you may be eliminated, but you're not going anywhere! Nope! Even Ashthon and Karen, who didn't make the tour, collected one more paycheck as the "Bottom 7" performed a rather ridiculous version of Pink's "So What."  Can it get any better than that?

Last night, I predicted that Stefano would be eliminated, but I've reconsidered and now feel as though it's going to be Jacob. It's a feeling I have and I'm going with it.

Dramatic footage of last night's performances and JLo's exclamation that anybody can win. Good old Voiceover man intros the judges. Randy is wearing an American flag tee shirt. Ryan descends the Adam Lambert Memorial Staircase and welcomes us enthusiastically to the show. "Seven will become six," he tells us. After reminding us of last night's fun and frivolity, he brings out the Top 7.  Over 52 million votes were cast last night. "Who is is going to be," Ryan asks. I wonder if they'll pull the old, split the group into two groups of three and make one person (Jacob?) pick the top group.

David Cook and Katy Perry perform tonight... but we already knew that. 

Ryan asks Randy what he thinks is going to happen with the vote. JLo says she hopes it's not a girl. Ryan wonders if there was any fallout from last night's kiss. Marc Anthony though it was cute. Steven says he's going to give Trey, the editor, something to worry about.

Lauren, Haley, Stefano, and Jacob sing "Soul Sister."  Jacob is quite enthused. I laugh out loud. Lauren shimmies and tries to entice Jacob. She looks just like her bouffant-haired mother.  It's definitely "winning" all the way. The bottom four?

It's time for the Ford video. They don't sound too bad on this one, actually ("Be Careful What You Wish For"). Ryan is on the couch with our bottom Haley, Lauren, Stef, and Jacob to introduce Scotty, Casey, and James (who descends the ALMS) singing Coldplay's "Viva la Vida."  They sound a whole lot better than the other group. My Top 3!!! Interesting how they were divided this week, isn't it.

The "Three Muskateers" take a seat on the couch. Jacob has a chance to defend himself against accusations of his being a diva!  Scotty tells us there's a cupcake named after him back home - a butterscotch Scotty. Casey shows off a painting someone did of him and his dog! Oh lawdy.

We dim the lights. Casey stands, then Jacob. Ryan reads the comments. Casey says the kiss was spontaneous!  Ryan asks Jacob about the technical glitch. He says he debated whether to stop or keep going. Casey, with his "soft lips,"  is safe. Jacob is in the bottom three.

Back from the break, Ryan is in the audience and intros David Cook (AI7 winner in case you've forgotten). He's singing "The Last Goodbye,"  the first single from his upcoming album. He's off pitch and growly, sounds more like Daughtry than himself. It's not very melodic, that's for sure. He's got a cool guitar, though. Casey is jumping up and down! The judges applaud politely. James bows!

David says it's great to be back and tells us he's involved in the Race for Hope in DC to benefit brain cancer research. Mom Beth is in the audience. She's there to meet Steven Tyler. She gets a big hug from Steven and Cookie shakes his head!

Back from the break, we see the Idols at a Dodgers' game wearing shirts with their names on them. They met Tommy Lasorda. Then they went bowling. Then they go to a spa. Such fun these Idols have.

More results. Lauren, James, and Stefano join Ryan at the center of the stage. Ryan asks Randy if Stefano did enough to stay out of the bottom three. Randy says no, but Stefano is in the bottom three anyway. He sort of skips back to the stools of doom.

No surprise, James and Lauren are safe. Next are Haley and Scotty. Of course they are safe. I'm getting a headache. Haley says she thinks she's found her "niche." Scotty is safe and Haley goes to the stools. Ryan goes over to the stools and whispers to Haley that she is safe. So it's either Jacob or Stefano.

Katy Perry comes flying in on some kind of wire singing "Extraterrestrial."  She's wearing a futuristic sequined jump suit and a crown. She's got a crew of weirdly dressed alien dancers gyrating around her. It's quite the production. She's not singing live either. Kanye West does his bit and Katy goes back into some kind of cage.

The performance, which was taped last week, ends.  Ryan is backstage with Jacob and Stefano pretending Katy's just left the stage! But we are not fooled. They talk about how much the competition means to them. Who will it be. Will I earn 20 points, plus the bonus points tonight with Jacob's elimination? Or will I lose again as Stefano hits the bricks? We'll find out after the break.

Jacob and Stefano are ready for their results. Ryan asks JLo what she thinks. She loves them both and says it's not the end of the road for them. She doesn't want to see either of them go. Randy gives them both "big props." Ryan asks if they deserve to be standing there. He says no one deserves to be there.

We dim the lights. "After 52 million votes, the person who is leaving us tonight is... Stefano."  James has his head in his hands. We see Stefano's farewell video. Stefano is pacing around the stage. No tears from Stefano who just keeps smiling. After the video, he tells us the show started his career and he feels so blessed. "It's great, it really is." He can't wait to sing again.  He sings us out with that herky jerky version of "Lately."  It's his best performance ever. James comes out and spins Stefano around.

Next week, the Top 6 take on the music of Carole King. That should be interesting.

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