Thursday, March 31, 2011

'American Idol 10' - Top 11 (again) results show recap

Paul broke out the rhinestone suit for one last gasp.
Last night, the Idols rose to the challenge, singing songs from the Elton John catalog. I thought it was a pretty good show and all the Idols did fine. Other critics have panned some of the performances, including one of my favorites, Paul McDonald's, but in the end, it's up to the viewers. I voted online last night. Pretty cool, actually.

To recap, my picks for the bottom three are Haley (despite glowing reviews of her performance), Naima, and Stefano. I think Naima and Stefano will be going home. I haven't been right since the Top 13, however, when I correctly predicted the end of the road for Ashthon (seems so long ago, doesn't it!). At any rate, we'll have to watch and find out!

Cold opening with video of last night's performances with some backstage glimpses. Steven's comment to Haley ("You sing sexy") was rather disturbing considering she's, what, 18 or 19?

Voiceover man intros our judges and Ryan emerges from behind the screen. His hair, about which I didn't comment last night, is still rather flattened. He informs us there are two eliminations and no more saves. As if we didn't know this already. Last night there were 55 million votes, a record at this stage of the competition. The Top 11 come out and the audience goes nuts. Ryan lets us know Fantasia is performing tonight as well as and Jamie Foxx.

Tonight the Idols are singing duets. Lauren and Scott sing "I Told You So," the Carrie Underwood/Randy Travis number. They sound real nice together. The judges give them a standing ovation! Ryan calls them to the center of the stage for some results! Interesting twist. The lights dim and Ryan reads the judges comments, with Lauren's first. She looks like she's about to throw up! "After the nationwide vote, both of you get another chance to impress." They hug.

The kids plug some stupid contest on, which segues into this week's Ford video. The song is "Superman" and the video is rather lame. There's also a live scavenger hunt for keys to a Ford Focus.

Ryan chats with the contestants. Casey says he's going to keep some growth on his face, but he is a "mysterious guy." James has received a lot of fan mail, including bracelets, which he wears. He also got a custom-made WWE belt with Crazy James engraved on it. We get to see it. WTF?

More music. Naima and Jacob are singing Ashford and Simpson's "Solid." Jacob singing this to Naima is a bit awkward. His dance moves are rather stilted. Naima steals this one right from under his nose. I can see this as a tour duet. Now for their results. Ryan reads Naima's comments and then Jacob's. I think she's a goner. Jacob has his eyes close and his cheeks puffed up. One of them is in the bottom three. "The person in our bottom three and in danger of elimination tonight is Naima." No surprise there. She takes a seat on one of the stools of doom.

Now for Fantasia singing "Collard Greens and Cornbread." Tasia wants everyone to get up on their feet. She's wearing a tight red dress slit up to where, and her blond hair is in a strange pompadour. The song is about collard greens and cornbread kind of love. Not sure I understand what that is, exactly, but whatever. Steven seems quite taken by the song and Randy is grinning from ear to ear. I so miss Simon tonight!

Ryan brings Fantasia over to the contestants. He asks her if there's one thing she wishes she knew when she was on the show. She says it's a tough business and you have to keep people with you who aren't just going to tell you what you want to hear. It's about the love of the music. She's talking real fast! Jacob is clapping wildly. He's kind of a male version of 'Tasia.

Haley, Pia, and Thia do Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream." Their harmonies are whack. They are all doing this strange crouching motion. Why do singers do that anyway? Pia owns the performance. Now for the "ultimate buzz kill." Ryan starts with Pia and then moves on to Thia. Pia and Thia. Love it. Haley is last. JLo is shaking her head. "After the nationwide vote, I can tell you, Pia, you are safe." OMG what a shocker. Thia or Haley. Haley, right? Wrong, it's Thia. Thia's mom is sad.

Kris Allen (Who?) is in the house tonight. Next we see a day in the life of the Idols. First they work in the studio and then they're off to Las Vegas to a charity event for Mohammad Ali. Kelly Clarkson is there. A newly skinny Jordin Sparks was also there, but we don't get to see her. The Idols meet Ali.  Pia is overwhelmed. The stupid Idol mansion leaks so the kids have to move to a hotel.  Lauren falls down the stairs. Then they go back to the studio to pick their songs for next week. Then it's time for a little spa action, followed by rehearsals. Performance show Wednesday and the the "dramatic" save show. What? They saved Casey? I had no idea! The doctor has Casey lie down and he's still a mess. Finally he is reunited with the rest of the Idols and they have a group hug. The week begins again on Friday. Round and round they go.

The boys from the house - Paul, James, Stefano and Casey - have a band. They  perform "Band on the Run." Stefano is on keyboard, Casey on bass, and James and Paul are playing guitar. The vocals are awful in the beginning, but they tighten up in the second half of the song. Casey looks very cool on the bass. It's interesting, the first time this has ever been done, but they need more practice.  Steven says they can open for Aerosmith next tour! This will certainly be part of this summer's tour.

Results now. Ryan tells Casey if he knew how many votes he got, he'd be very proud. He is safe. He gets a huge hug from Jacob. James is also safe. Paul or Stefano? Not Paul, please. The final person in the bottom three  is Paul. Stefano is safe. Boooooo.

Jamie Fox and perform "Hot Wings." There's a drumline and dancing girls. Jamie Foxx is over-autotuned as usual. The dancing girls are all over the place. I don't like this at all.

Time for the results. Paul, Thia and Naima stand tall. Paul is safe. It's the end of the road for Thia and Naima. We see both of their funeral videos. I'm gong to miss Naima. And that's it.

Isn't it interesting that this was supposed to be the "year of the girls!" But, so far, only girls have been eliminated! Six guys and three girls are left, and Haley is still borderline. I do think a guy will go next week, though. It's inevitable.

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