Thursday, March 10, 2011

'American Idol 10' - Top 13 results show recap

Jacob Lusk performs on Wednesday's Top 13 performance show
The first performance show is history and tonight we learn who will earn the dubious distinction of being the first person to be eliminated from 'American Idol 10.' In my pre-season rankings, I figured Stefano would be the first one out and last night, I had him in my bottom three, along with Ashthon and Paul. I think Paul may escape (he was the VFTW pick) and Karen will take his place. In the end, however, I really think it'll be Ashthon who be departing. And we are ready to begin.

The show opens with clips of last night's performance show and the judges' jubilant reactions. Loved Steven's "plethora of passion" description of Casey Abrams. Scary voiceover man does his thing, introducing the judges and Ryan. JLo is wearing a one-shouldered white blouse. The audience goes bonkers. Totally bonkers!

Ryan welcomes us to the show and tells us Diddy Dirty Money is in the house along with Adam Lambert. Diddy, formerly Puff Daddy who dated JLo. Awkward. Ryan tells us 30 million votes came in last night. He also tells us there will be yet another judges' save. Ryan intros the Top 13, who are short one member. Casey is missing. He's in the hospital again. This isn't good.

We watch as the contestants arrive at the 'Idol' mansion for the first time. They haven't lived in a mansion together since Season 2. They run all around like children, jumping on beds and shrieking with glee. James says the bathtub is bigger than his bed at home. Jacob shouts "American Idol" to the hills to hear his echo.Naima is amazed at the size of the closet.

Time for the first group number. And it's Michael Jackson tribute. They are not singing live. It's totally cheesy. Jacob camps it up so much I burst into uncontrollable laughter. They end with "Masn in the Mirror" and a spectacular "Pointy Pose!"

Here's the first Ford video. The song is "The World."  The contestants also got to attend the premiere of 'The Red Riding Hood,' which comes out Friday.  They walk the red carpet and ohh and ahhh at the celebrities. Amanda Seyfried, the star of the movie, who gives them tips of being a star. They watch the movie and agree, Casey looks most like the werewolf.

Ryan tells us the movie looks frightening, but nothing is scarier than sitting on the couches. "Dim the Lights!"  Ryan calls down Jacob, Karen, and Stefano. Ryan asks Jacob what he thinks about his performance. He says he definitely messed up, but pulled it together. Karen says there were some technical difficulties and she'll do much better next time. Stefano says not being voted in by America didn't shatter his confidence and he showed another side of himself on the stage last night. They are all safe, Ryan says, except Karen. Tricky Ryan. Karen says, "That's okay."  More results plus Adam Lambert when we come back.

Adam Lambert performs an acoustic version of "Aftermath" with his band members. I like the album version of this song, but the acoustic version is much stronger. Adam throws in a few of his signature screams to show us he can still do it and the women in the audience howl with delight. After the performance, Ryan welcomes Adam back. Adam says the message of the song is the most important part of the song, which is why he wanted to strip it down for this performance. The song is also available as a remix and will be sold to benefit the Trevor Project. JLo says she wants to see him "Dougie" dance and demonstrates. The Top 13 (minus Casey) do the dance.

Back from the break, we go to more results. Lauren, Ashthon, and Haley join Ryan. Lauren says what the judges said "kinda sucked," but she agreed it wasn't good when she watched it back. Lauren tears up and Ryan cuts her a break. She's safe. Ashthon says she should have picked a song everyone knows. No one really cheers for Ashthon. Randy says Haley belongs somewhere in the middle of pop and country. He loved her in the group number. She says she likes to switch it up a lot. JLo says she looks like a young Stevie Nicks. Both Ashthon and Haley are in the Bottom 3. Everyone else is safe. They don't seem to get it at first, but then James jumps up and the rest of the group react.

As we go to break, Ashthon looks as though she is about to hit someone and Karen is smiling brightly. Diddy Dirty Money is next.

Diddy performs "Coming Home."  It's like he's singing it to JLo who applauds politely. Ryan thanks Diddy who tells the Top 13 they get out of life what you put into it. "Never give up on your dreams... keep God first in your life..." Diddy plugs his upcoming tour.

Finally, the results. The girls stand on the stage. Karen is safe. And it's Ashthon. But wait now. She gets one more shot to sing and the judges could use their save. She's singing the Diana Ross song again. She's still flat. No way will the judges save her. Jacob is singing along and swaying with Karen. Thia is about to cry. Ashthon starts to cry, JLo delivers thenews. "Not this time, baby, I'm sorry," she says.

We hear David Cook's "Don't You Forget About Me," the new boot song, and watch Ashthon's farewell video. She continues to cry. Naima flings herself at Ashthon and we are out.

That's it for this week. Enjoy the weekend, and for my Syracuse friends, "Let's Go Orange." Bring that Big East title home!

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