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'American Idol 10' - Top 12 guys

The Top 12 guys stand tall before their first performances

The guys are up first as 'American Idol 10' enters its semi-final round. Here's how it's going to work. All the guys will sing tonight and the girls will sing Wednesday. On Thursday, the Top 12/13 will be selected - ten to be chosen by viewers and the other two or three by the judges in a wildcard choice.

Clint Jun Gamboa – "Superstition" (Stevie Wonder)
Terrible song choice and he's moving around so much he can't dig into the song. It's just not good and being in the death slot pretty much ensures he's a goner.

Steven thinks it was beautiful and brilliant. JLo wants to see more the next time." Randy says he loved it and continues to heap praises upon what I thought was just not all that.

Jovany Barreto – "I’ll Be" (Edwin McCain)
Simon would have called this a loungey performance! It's good, but nothing super special. Jennifer is swooning and the swaybots are swaying mindlessly. Steven says Jovany brought it and JLo says people got to see him for the first time. "You did it," she exclaims. Randy puts a damper on the love fest. “I hate to be the one to break up the apple cart. It felt very karaoke to me," he rightly adds.

Jordan Dorsey – "OMG" (Usher)
Usher, you ain't, Jordan. His inflated ego really gets in the way, and his singing goes off key more often than it doesn't. He can't dance, either. Bad choice of song and weak performance.He's totally gone.

Steven says it wasn't Jordan's best performance. JLo says this isn't who Jordan is as an artist and she doesn't want him to be anybody else but him. Randy says it pales in comparison to who he is. Jordan agrees. but tries to justify his performance. He's toast.

Tim Halperin – "Streetcorner Symphony (Come On Over)" (Rob Thomas)
This performance is off-key and uninspired. Tim missed the mark in that the song doesn't show off his artistry. Disappointing.

Steven says he isn't sure the song did him any justice. JLo agrees. She thinks he did it well, but it didn't show America what kind of an artist he is. Randy says Tim's susung much better before. "Not your best try today, dude," Randy finishes.

Brett Loewenstern – "Light My Fire" (Doors)
Another odd choice, but Brett kinda gets it. He works the stage, flips his hair around, and acts like a quasi rock star. No, he's not Jim Morrison, but at least he isn't boring.

Steven says Brett brought it and JLo says it was more hair tossing that her and Beyonce put together. She likes that Brett is who he is. Randy says there were 14 hair shakes. He says there were some pitch problems, but it got better in the end. Brett scores a win here and should make it through no problem.

James Durbin – "You Got Another Thing Comin’" (Judas Priest)
He screams and shouts and does all the things you'd expect him to do. I get it. James is a serous rawker! He really is channeling Lambert. Much as I want to hate this guy, he's the best so far. The audience loves it.

Steven says that was ***in crazy good! He loves it that James is over the top. JLo says she loves the way he performs. "It's organic and real... that's what everybody needs to do when they're up there." Randy says, "This is how you do it." He calls his vocals brilliant and was nice and tasty with his higher register. James gives a shout-out the audience.

Robbie Rosen – "Arms of an Angel" (Sarah McLachlan)
Robbie has a nice voice but he's boring. The song choice doesn't really do it for me either. It's too slow and plodding. Again, he misses an opportunity to showcase his strengths. He sure is earnest, though!

Steven says it was a beautiful thing. JLo says Robbie tells a story when he sings a song. "You're a very special singer," she finishes. Randy differs. He says it wasn't a great performance and the notes were pitchy. The audience boos.

Scott McCreery – "Letters From Home" (John Michael Montgomery)
Good choice for Scotty. I still find it hard to believe this voice is coming out of this kid. He sings it perfectly, but makes weird faces. He's another one I didn't expect to like, but actually do.

Steven says Scotty will be getting a lot of letters real soon. He thinks he picked the perfect song. "It was so beautiful." JLo thinks Scotty was born to sing country music. Randy likes that Scotty is like a throwback country singer, not one who is trying to be a crossover singer. Scotty is awestruck. He's a lock for the Top whatever.

Stefano Langone – "Just The Way You Are" (Bruno Mars)
He starts out rough, missing the opening. His enunciation is a little strange. He looks pained. Nope, doesn't work for me. And those high notes... ouch. He's done too.

Steven says he loves the way his voice cuts through the air in the room. He loved it. JLo says he's consistent and she can always be sure she'll be grooving with him. She calls him a "beast." Randy says they were all rockin' and it was like a concert. "We believed you," he says.

Paul McDonald – "Maggie Mae" (Rod Stewart)
Paul has odd enunciation and seems rather stiff on stage. His teeth are also very, very white! The phrasing is odd too. Odd song choice, odd performance... I thought he'd do better.

Steven says Paul has a real character about his voice and loves it. "Nice going." JLo says Paul's movements are unique. She says his smile lights up the whole place and that he brings joy to the world. Randy says Paul is unique and different from anyone they've had on the show (really? Taylor wasn't unique and different).

Jacob Lusk – "House is Not a Home" (Luther Vandross)
I love this song. He comes out all flirty making weird faces. Stop it. It's distracting from his vocals, which are, as Simon would say, spot on. He finishes with a flourish and seriously, it's outstanding.

Steven says he is honored to be in his presence and that Jacob makes him cry. JLo says Luther was her favorite singer of all time. "He's gone, but now we have you." Randy says Luther would be proud of him, but that Jacob brings something extra. "We're lucky to have you on this show." I love this guy.

Casey Abrams – "I Put a Spell On You" (Screamin Jay Hawkins)
This guy really has star quality. He's so at ease on the stage. You wouldn't know he was just out of the hospital. He also has great control of his vocals and knows when to bring it and when to tone it down.

Steven says he's out of his mind unreal. Girls scream. He wonders who Casey was singing too. "Good as it gets... crazy good." JLo says, "You're sexy, Casey" She says he is going to redefine what the show is all about. She loved it. Randy says Screamin' Jay is somewhere jumping up and down. "More, more, more!"

Best and worst
I actually liked Jacob's performance the best, followed by Casey, Scotty, Brett and James, and I think they will all make the cut. The sixth man will probably be Paul, but the judges love Robbie, so he could slip by. I know for sure we've seen the last of Clint, Jordan, Stefano, Jovany, and probably Tim, who really blew his chances with his song choice. We'll find out Thursday.

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  1. I'm not crazy about going from 12 guys to 6 in one show, but I agree with your choices for the most part. Although I dont think Clint was as bad as you perceived him, I dont think his "Show Persona" has endeared him enough to get votes. Love Jacob and Casey. And Mr. Durbin' skills are just sick.